First video of J Jayalalithaa in Apollo Hospital

Since more than a year there have been speculations about the death of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. Before her death, the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister was hospitalized for more than a month but during this period no one except for a few close people were allowed to see her. This secrecy which was maintained during the hospitalization of J Jayalalithaa had triggered a lot questions and speculations.

Now just a day before the RK Nagar elections a video of J Jayalalithaa in hospital has surfaced. The video was shared by MLA P, Vetrivel who belongs to the TTV Dinakaran camp. In the video J Jayalalithaa is seen sitting on the hospital bed and drinking something while looking at something (TV?).

According to a report on the Hindu, Vetrivel said that the video was shot by his leaders. It may be noted that TTV Dinakaran had claimed of having a video of J Jayalalithaa in hospital. The opposition camps have alleged that TTV faction is trying to use the Amma sentiment ahead of the RK Nagar elections.

“Both EPS and OPS were aware of how Jayalalithaa’s health was in the hospital. We released this video because there are too many rumours about her condition following her death. They are constantly raising doubts about her death, we thought they will stop but there seems to be no sign. Amma and Chinamma are both important to me. This video was with me even though I hadn’t gone into Apollo. OPS, EPS and Vijayabaskar are people who have discussed her treatment and yet they talk in this manner. We have even more evidence in store,” Vetrivel told media persons.

He further refuted allegations that the video was shared because of the forthcoming elections, “The release of the video is not connected to the RK Nagar elections in any manner. This is to prevent her image from getting further tarnished,” Vetrivel clarified.

Supports of Dinakaran Camp are seen to be happy about the video as they perceive it as a proof against the allegations which are being raised against TTV Camp ever since the death of J Jayalalithaa. “This is basically evidence that Jayalalithaa was alive and was being cared for in hospital. She underwent treatment before she was unfortunately taken away due to a heart attack,” Apsara Reddy, a TTV Dhinakaran supporter said.

The controversy surrounding the death of J Jayalalithaa took a vital turn when former AIADMK leader Dindigul Srinivasan alleged that the family of Sasikala and her nephew Dinakaran is responsible for the death of former Tamil Nadu CM.

“The people of Tamil Nadu have already declared they would have nothing to do with the killers of our Amma. Only Sasikala and family were responsible for the death and that’s why we convened the general council to throw them out of the party”, Srinivasan had said. During the hospitalization of J Jayalalithaa, Srinivasan had claimed that she was having idly and sambar inside the hospital but later took a U-turn saying that he was made to lie.