Five highlights from Congress Plenary Session

The two day long plenary session of the Congress party was an event full of knowledge and action. From the real meaning of Modi’s surname to what Indira Gandhi did with the politics of India, Congress workers and normal people alike got to learn a lot from it. But in case if you have missed the knowledge filled and action packed program for some reason, don’t worry because here are the highlights.

1- What exactly former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was?

Well, we all know that Dr Manmohan Singh is the former Prime Minister of India, but Congress party’s National spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi seems to differ. During the event she addressed Manmohan Singh as the former president. Now the question arises that if MMS is former president according to Congress then who was the actual prime minister of UPA government?

2- Real meaning of Modi surname.

If you think the Congress plenary was all about politics and future of Congress party then you are wrong, because a lot of other important National and International subjects was also discussed. And one of those subjects was about the real meaning of Modi surname. According to the theory put out by none other than Rahul Gandhi, Modi surname symbolises the collusion between crony capitalists and Prime Minister.

And we were foolish enough to believe, Modi is just another surname that is used by trading class. Hope in future Mr Gandhi will enlighten us with real meanings of Gandhi and Nehru surnames also.

3- Sidhu’s Googly.

All the cricket lovers remember Navjot Singh Sidhu as a man who used struck the ball straight out of the ground. And because of his ability to mercilessly hit sixes he was called as the Sixer Sidhu by his fans but seems like while hitting those big ones he never got the opportunity to showcase his Googly skills. And that is perhaps why he chose the stage of Congress plenary to finally show his Googly to the world.

Showing his Googly skills he touched the feet of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, the same people against whom he used to be very outspoken. During his days in BJP he had blamed Congress for 84 riots and even had doubted whether Manmohan Singh is a real Sikh (Sardar). Days have changed and so has Sidhu. From Congress Plenary he proved that his googlies are no less than his sixers. Maybe it’s about his fans start calling him googly Sidhu.

4- The event was star-studded.

There was no lack of star-power in Congress plenary, and from star we certainly don’t mean Ramya Spandana. One of the main stars to attend the program was a person who is accused of openly slaughtering a calf and hurting religious sentiments of majority community. Rijil Makulti who was involved in the slaughtering of calf in Kerala by youth Congress, attended the program. Maybe he went there to share his immense knowledge about ‘secularism’ with other Congressmen.

5- What Indira Gandhi did with Indian politics?

But the biggest highlight of the program was probably Sonia Gandhi’s slip of tongue that many are referring to as unintended confession. “Unhone desk he sarkar ko balatkar rakh diya,” are the exact words that came out of Sonia Gandhi’s mouth. Though it must be remembered that this was only a slip of tongue. While none of the Media houses bothered to cover this mess, Tajinder Bagga, Spokesperson BJP Delhi, was probably the first to post this video on twitter.

Did Sonia Gandhi Just Say Indira Gandhi Did ‘Balatkaar’ of India ? Watch Latest Video of Mispronunciation

In our childhood days the elders used to say that truth comes out of a person’s tongue when Goddess Saraswati descents upon it. Well this was just a random childhood memory and has nothing to do with the above mentioned incident.