Flag in Aligarh Muslim University, depicts Kashmir out of India

The Aligarh Muslim University, once again finds itself on the centre of a controversy, this time over a flag of India that has been put up as part of promotional poster of a play that was scheduled to take place in the campus.

As per reports, the Department of Cultural Education Centre of AMU had hanged a big poster of India’s map on the campus gate, which had the top portion including Kashmir missing.

The poster was put up for the promotion of a play on the life of playwright Asgar Wajahat. The name of the play that was to be presented is, ‘Jin Lahaur na dekhya’ (Those who have not seen Lahore). The famous play written in 1989 has been staged across India over the years by many local and prominent theatre groups and there is nothing controversial about it, but the dispute over the poster with the wrong map of India has stoked controversy on campus. Sensing trouble, the AMU administration had quickly swung into action.

Rushing into the action and accepting the incident, AMU spokesperson Shafey Kidwai said, “Yes, there was some problem with the posters, so AMU administration had removed all the posters and cancelled the show, for now. It will again be permitted once the investigation gets over.”

However now the controversial banner and other promotional posters have been removed. The play has also been canceled, as of now.