Floods in North Bengal but Mainstream Media houses are missing in action

The northern parts of West Bengal are affected by heavy floods. The situations in six districts are now improving as the water is now receding, and in this rate it is expected that by the end of this week the situations will be in a much better condition.

According to the Government of West Bengal atleast 32 people died in the heavy floods and more than 14 lakh people are affected. Thousands have taken refuge in camps. While political parties are busy in blame game, many NGO’s have taken up the responsibility of doing relief work in affected area.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is leading in doing the relief work. Swayamsevaks of Sangh are providing food, medicines, and assistance to the affected people, and are working hard to reach out to everyone who needs help. Many people have complained that certain Airlines agencies increased the rates of tickets taking advantage of the situation.

What must be noted in all these is the role of the mainstream media. The floods in Gujarat or Bihar got all the coverage from the media but the North Bengal floods are completely ignored by the mainstream media. This is a mental corruption in our media where even coverage of floods become selective.

Images of RSS workers doing relief work –