Food served in Karnataka’s Indira canteens unfit for consumption, says lab test report

BJP leader Umesh Shetty from Karnataka has alleged that the food served in much hyped Indira canteens are below standards for consumption. The allegation comes after a food sample test was conducted by Ramaiah advanced testing laboratory and Public health institute, that stated that the food is not within satisfactory limits for consumption.

Umesh Shetty was quoted as saying, “The food given to Pourakarmikas from the Indira canteen is not safe. After testing this in two laboratories, it is found there are harmful bacteria in the food which may cause various health issues.”

The test was reportedly conducted on food samples received from the Mudalapalya, Jayanagar, JP Nagar, Byatarayanapura and Nagapura ward canteens and the food samples were Rice, sambar, and Bisibelebath.

“The cleanliness is also not maintained by the Indira Canteens. More than 16,000 Pourakarmikas are given Indira canteen food. The State government should immediately take action against the Contractors who are responsible for preparing the bad quality food,” Shetty added.

Meanwhile reacting to the allegations, Deputy Chief Minister, G Parameshwara said, “I have directed the BBMP Commissioner to check the quality of food provided in all Indira canteen in 198 wards immediately. If the food quality is found to be adulterated, we will take action against the contractors.”

Launched in 2017 in all 198 wards of the city, the Indira Canteen project is meant to provide meals at affordable rates.