For BJP Tamil Nadu, its 2016 or BURST …

While both the Dravidian parties are mudslinging accusations against each other as to who is the possible cause for Chennai Floods, this could probably be the only time where BJP can make their presence felt in the Dravidian Kingdom of Tamil Nadu. But this time the National party cannot afford any sort of goof ups that they made in Bihar, their primary agenda during campaigning should focus only on development of the state.

There are probably few areas where the Dravidian parties will try to over take BJP in terms of electoral gimmicks

1) Curtail the FREEBIE culture

By educating the people about the amount of revenue we lose every year due to the wasteful freebies, BJP can translate all this into useful investments. While social economic like Amma Canteen makes a little sense, the other concept of free Mixer /Grinder / Fan / Land / Laptop and TV not only overburden this state which already has crossed a debt of 2 Lakh crores but also has turned its citizen into a bunch of lazy goons who expect the government to take care of their everyday needs like a socialistic “Greece”. Not to mention all these products hardly lasted for 6 months post which they were either thrown into recycling or sold at the black market.

2) Nationalize the River projects

As a state which has been fighting for its rightful due of water from its surrounding states for nearly decades, either to satisfy its drinking needs or ensuring its farmers earn a bumper harvest, Nationalization of rivers can be a big game changer. This will certainly create a positive enigma among its citizens rather than fighting a never ending legal procedure for water and showcasing it.

3) Alcohol Prohibition

Don’t just give statements on banning Alcohol but ensure there is a futuristic path which explains how the State will overcome the revenue loss in the absence of TASMAC. Bring out self help ladies groups in villages who will forefront this movement and set a lesson to their drunk husbands.

4) Project State leadership

Tamil Nadu as a state is always able to connect with the local leaders and this sentiment is much stronger as we go down south to smaller cities and villages. So projection of right state leaders belonging to the corresponding locality is very important and also the voters should be able to connect with his/her caste. This is a key requirement which BJP failed to showcase in Bihar Polls.

5) Make DMDK Kingpin and Ouster fence sitters PMK / MDMK

Ensure Vijayakanth is into the bandwagon of alliance and drop fence sitters like Ramadoss and Vaiko. While Vijayakanth can probably bring on a 10-12 % of much needed vote share, shunning of an Anti-National like Vaiko and opportunist like Ramadoss will create a much needed boost to the State.

6) Revival of Tamil related sentiments

AIADMK and DMK are well know to raise the battle cry of Tamil sentiment, especially during elections, but once the election gets over they conveniently forget to either develop the language or develop its native population. BJP should take this as cue and try and implement what MP Tarun Vijay has been insisting for a long time, revive Tamil in Tamil Nadu High Courts and ensure Thirukural (written by Thiruvalluvar) is translated into every possible Indian language to spread its greatness.

The role and importance of a National Government is hardly known to the localities when it comes to freeing Tamil Fishermen, the first priority is to showcase this. Also equip these Fishermen with much more powerful boats to ensure they are aware of the advantages of deep sea diving. This concept was brought in by the AIADMK government but this needs to be implemented on a higher scale.

7) Break the Aryan – Dravidian Myth

For some long the Tamil citizens have been under the spell of Aryan and Dravidian myth. In order to expose this, the National Government should give more aid to Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to prove the long lost connection between Indus Valley Civilization and Tamil Sangam age and also start exploring the linguistic links between Tamil Brahmi script and how it influenced various Indian languages. Not only will this expose the real face of E V Ramasamy (Father of Dravidian movement) and other so called Dravidian leaders but also people will start taking a pride in being of the oldest Civilization in this Nation.

If 2016 is lost and Tamil Nadu sees DMK as the respite for AIADMK, BJP can kiss their National Ambitions for 2019 goodbye.