For dodging booby-trap in Kashmir, Indian soldiers get called barbaric!

On 13th September,2018, two Pakistani terrorists who belonged to JeM (Jaish-E-Mohammad) were killed after a cordon and search operation in Chinkipora, Sopore. Both of them had masterminded an IED blast on Jan 6, earlier this year, in which four Jammu Kashmir Police cops attained martyrdom and were known to carry out atrocities against civilians in the region. A picture taken at the encounter site in Sopore, Kashmir is now at the center of controversy.

Many self-acclaimed human rights activists of Jammu and Kashmir have used this picture to portray Indian army as barbaric in an attempt to grab the attention of international agencies like United Nations. It is another one of those incidents where Indian army is at the receiving end of cudgels by anti-India forces, who often masquerade as thespians, students or activists.

To the eyes of an experienced operator, the above picture is part of the standard operating procedure (SOP), according to which,soldiers tie the body of a terrorist to a rope, and drag it out of the encounter site. The body is then moved left and right several times to separate any live de-pinned grenades stuck in it. But human rights activists of Jammu and Kashmir, some of have are sympathetic towards terrorists from across the border, use such pictures to mislead commoners.

Booby traps have been used since time immemorial in guerrilla wars, it is in reality a part of psychological warfare; men on one side rig a device that a man on the other side thinks he can defuse. It was one such innovative booby trap which killed bomb expert, Lt Col Niranjan, during Pathankot airbase attack, in 2016. Back then, while sanitizing the site, Lt Col Niranjan was inspecting body of a terrorist, who was presumed dead, and to be shorn of any booby traps, when the officer stumbled upon a grenade packed tightly in an ammunition pouch. Since booby trapped grenades are usually not tightly packed, the officer assumed it to be non-threatening, proving him wrong and costing him his life.

Terrorist outfits such as ISIS are known to pack corpses of both children and adults, with grenades, albeit, its against the Islamic belief to mutilate a dead body. During Kargil war when Pakistan Army had left behind large number of unclaimed dead bodies of NLI (Northern Light Infantry) soldiers, it also ensured that many of them were booby trapped; despite this, Indian soldiers at the peril of being killed, gave honorable burials to the dead Pakistani soldiers. It’s a well known fact that such an act is against the Geneva Convention, but when has Pakistan army and its delinquents followed the rule book?

It’s a well-known fact that Pakistan army not just facilitates infiltration of terrorists into India but also provides them with necessary training and wherewithal to counter Indian soldiers, ergo such circumstances entail certain SOP which help prevent Indian soldiers from turning into scapegoats while carrying out their duty. Unfortunately for them, every unintentional and innocuous act, is used as an incriminating evidence against the soldiers themselves by the prying eyes of forces who plan to subvert India.

Trapped between scylla and charybdis, Indian soldiers should be allowed to give an apropos reply to the psychological warfare being carried out against them in Kashmir, if the Indian government wills.

Major Gaurav Arya, a veteran, confirms the SOP carried out by soldiers after an encounter

This article is written by Levina 

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