Formal complaint filed against Deepika Singh Rajawat for hurting Hindu sentiments with objectionable post on Navratri

A formal complaint has been filed against advocate Deepika Singh Rajawat for hurting the sentiments of the Hindu community by sharing an objectionable cartoon about the festival of Navratri. In a tweet on 19th October, the lawyer shared a picture depicting a man worshipping Goddess during Navratris while the same person pulling the legs of a woman on other days.

The tweet met with strong resentment on social media, as people criticised her for unnecessarily targeting a pious Hindu festival. And now, a a formal complaint has been filed against her to S. N Shrivastava, the commissioner of Delhi police.

“We request you to arrange to book her under the relevant offenses at the earliest. The intent of the said post is a clear indication to incite and provoke Hindus, break peace-harmony and create unrest in the society,” the complaint reads.

Meanwhile, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has also strongly objected to the post made by Rajawat. The central joint general secretary of VHP, Dr. Surendra Jain, slammed Rajawat saying that the post was not merely an attack on Hindus, but on India as a whole.

Deepika Singh Rajawat shot to fame as lawyer for the Kathua victim. However, she made only a few appearing before the court. Later the family of the victim released her from duties, saying that they didn’t have confidence in her.