Former Colleague Exposes Kejriwal’s Sleazy Affair at Thiruvananthapuram Guest House on Nov 18, 2008

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Journalist and social activist Kapil Bajaj (Twitter id: @kbhasanidea), a former colleague of Arvind Kejriwal has come out with some explosive revelations. In his blog, Bajaj exposes Kejriwal’s sleazy relationship with a young girl, who was appointed as the head of a Statutory Body, when he became Chief Minister. While exposing Kejriwal’s illicit relations, the writer has hidden the identity of the lady by giving her a pseudonym – Shilpa.

This blog was published on October 5 and the writer Bajaj has emailed it to all media and everyone is keeping quiet. Is it because of the advertisement largesse showered on the media by the Delhi Government? Many hidden aspects about Kejriwal is exposed by this old fellow-traveller of Kejriwal. This lady, who is now the head of a powerful body, 16 years younger to Kejriwal fondly calls him “Aloo”, says the writer.

He bluntly says that on November 18, 2008, he had witnessed Kejriwal with this lady getting up from a bed at Thiruvananthapuram Government Guest House. Kejriwal, Shilpa and writer Bajaj were in Thiruvananthapuram those days to study Kerala’s People’s Planning in Democracy project piloted by the Left Government.
The Ramon Magsaysay award winning ‘social activist,’ whom I had witnessed being feted in Kochi the other day for promoting transparency, was engaged in some kind of secret bedroom farce with his own young colleague.

“It was in Thiruvananthapuram city in a government guest house that I was to witness an incident, involving Kejriwal and Shilpa, that left me shaken and wanting midway to leave for home,” says Bajaj.

In his lengthy blog explaining the US funding received by Kejriwal for NGO activities, Bajaj at the end of the article describes the exact incident he witnessed. He also explains, how when caught, Kejriwal played out a drama:

“The next morning, on 18 November, Kejriwal wanted me to visit the translator for some reason, which I did.

It did not take me long to be back at the government guest house. I went straight up to Kejriwal’s room to inform him of what transpired in my meeting with the translator.

The double door was bolted from inside. There was no sign of Shilpa.

Things suddenly seemed the strangest so far.

I stood by the door and gave it a knock.

There was an awkward silence inside the room. No one responded for long moments.

I waited and couldn’t help seeing very clearly a part of the bed through the ample opening between the two leaves of the door.

My heart then skipped a beat as I saw both Shilpa and Kejriwal emerging from right side of the part of the bed that was visible to me and very quietly climbing off it; Kejriwal then hurriedly shoved her from behind towards the cupboard to the left of where I stood.

Both were clothed; Kejriwal was in his sleeping suit of kurta pyjama.

My heart was pounding.

The view through the opening in the double door was so clear that I feared Kejriwal’s gaze might have met mine if he hadn’t been in a hurry to hide Shilpa in the built-in cupboard.

It was an extraordinary sight.

The Ramon Magsaysay award winning ‘social activist,’ whom I had witnessed being feted in Kochi the other day for promoting transparency, was engaged in some kind of secret bedroom farce with his own young colleague.

I felt as if I had willy-nilly threatened to violate the privacy of two people and reduced them to that ludicrous state.

Shilpa having been stowed safely away, Kejriwal opened the door for me and acted as if he had been resting.

I tried to overcome my own stunned state to brief him on my visit to the translator while he acted as normally and seriously as he could.

It was still a very awkward moment – I knew he was acting, he probably feared that I might have suspected something, and we both knew Shilpa was hiding in the cupboard.

Kejriwal then tried valiantly to inject some verisimilitude into that pretence by casually asking me:

‘Where is Shilpa?’

I mumbled my ‘ignorance’ and left the room,” writes Bajaj exposing Kejriwal’s drama when he was caught. Now Kejriwal is Chief Minister and the lady is now the head of a powerful Statutory Body in Delhi.

The Blog of Kapil Bajaj can be read here: My Stint with Kejriwal: Wising up to ‘Democracy’ and ‘Social Activism’

The Pratham Aam Aadmi is a Khaas Aadmi after all. Now we know what he means when he says “Compromise kar lo!”

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