A Former Employee of NDTV Completely Exposes how Channel Telecasted Stories to Create Communal Divide..

NDTV Portrays itself as a Channel, which counters all the work of Government(be it good or bad). If BJP Loose election, they will shower praises and make look like Opposition(Kejriwal in case of Delhi and Rahul in case of Punjab) look like a hero. Even for Gujarat, in the evening show, Pranoy James Roy indirectly said about moral victory of Congress and once even said, its a EVM malfunctioning, which has made BJP win the election in Gujarat in front of Arun Jaitley and later, smartly rubbished it as a Sarcasm on Congress.

Recently, one of their so called Secular Journo Sonia Singh played a Victim card on twitter that they are not getting Government Advertisements and blamed this on NDTV being Neutral and not appeasing Government. But being neutral and pseudo secular and pro minority(even in case of minority at fault) is different and far off from Being neutral.

NDTV is known for pseudo secularism and minority appeasement in portraying the news items. One of the ex employee Abhiranjan Kumar has exposed this by quoting a real time incident, where the channel seem to favor a Kashmiri Muslim, who was at fault as a innocent victim and portray security forces of India in bad light in the name of Pseudo Secularism compromising the ethics of Journalism and doing a shabby work.

Here is what he says…

Abhiranjan quotes that the NDTV is ‘communal’ and values free speech only for a few select persons(Specially Minorities and Elites). He claimed that even though the channel was more news and less noise, this news was frequently ‘adulterated’.

He quotes an old news where a youth was beaten up because he entered a military compartment(which he was not supposed to enter in any case). Incidentally the youth named Shafkat hailed form Kashmir, this as per Abhiranjan provided ammo for the channel’s senior decision makers, who spun the news as, “A Muslim and a Kashmiri. Possibly this was the crime of Shafkat“. 

He also says that he opposed the inclusion of this narrative by arguing that this line spread hate, communalism and was against journalistic ethics.

But nobody in NDTV bothered to listen  Abhiranjan and the reason he gives is that, the story was part of a high level level planning. As claimed, a senior editor of the channel had fixed Shafkat’s meeting with then Home Minister P Chidambaram of Congress, which indeed took place.

In another instance, He claims, he had written an article for NDTV Khabar, post the Mumbai terror attacks. Abhiranjan claimed that like countless other Indians, he was very angry and as a result factually criticized the the UPA government policies.

That article Abhiranjan claims, went viral and was invoking a positive response. But the then editor of NDTV India soon sent an email to NDTV Khabar’s editor ( it was CCed to Abhiranjan), ordering to take down the piece, and the editor promptly complied(probably because it was criticizing the then government Congress and it was anti minority even if minority here were terrorists from Pakistan).

Abhiranjan later asked the editor regarding the objections for that piece and got a cryptic reply that, “The article was very good, but you know don’t you“. As per Abhiranjan, rumour had spread that the PMO had objected to that article and had conveyed a message seeking its removal.

Abhiranjan claims, the channel though had no issue in running hate speeches of ‘Congress leaders’ who were calling the attacks as a RSS conspiracy.

He thus claims, how he finds it amusing when his ex-employees claim they are fighting against the government. Curry favour with one government and attack another, it won’t be difficult to understand as to on whose directions are they fighting this fight, claims Abhiranjan.

In conclusion, Abhiranjan claims that the channel always promoted a selective freedom of expression and reserved very limited space for neutral writers and journalists.

Here is what he quotes through his facebook post.


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