Former inspector general of West Bengal commits suicide, holds CM Mamata Banerjee responsible

Gaurav Dutta, a retired IPS officer from West Bengal, who was considered to be very close to those in power during the state’s left regime, was found in a pool of blood in his house on Wednesday. Initial post mortem reports established that the former inspector general of West Bengal had committed suicide. What, however was even more surprising that the top cop, in suicide letter, held Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee responsible for his fate.

Dutta had taken voluntary retirement last year and later applied for the release of his pension and other dues like provident fund and gratuity which totals to almost Rs 72 lakhs but, couldn’t access them despite several attempts. This failure in getting his due funds released, reportedly depressed the top cop and provoked him to take his own life by slitting wrist.

In his suicide note, Dutta has accused Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of being “vindictive and revengeful.” According to some reports, Dutta was the SP erstwhile undivided Midnapore District, during 1999-2000 when Keshpur massacre had taken place. In the incident, cadres belonging to TMC and the then ruling CPIM had engaged in a brutal onslaught, several people had lost lives in it. After coming to power, TMC government initiated proceedings against him.

Dutta said, “Present CM WB has victimised me for 10 years and went all out to demoralise me due to her single-minded vendetta against me for reasons best known to her.” He alleged in his note that the CM had blocked his honest hard earned savings. “This vindictiveness of CM is unparalleled,” Dutt wrote.

The retired IPS officer wrote that after his step, the government will be bound to release his savings. He said he decided to take the step to highlight problems of “genuine” officers in Bengal. “If one can’t live with honour it is better to die with honour,” Dutta wrote.

“She (Mamata Banerjee) has a strong inhuman quality to use and discard IPS officers,” Dutta alleged, and added that only her favourites get palatial bungalow, SUVs.