Former Miss Universe India Ushoshi Sengupta molested and harassed by bikers gang in Kolkata, pens down nightmare on Facebook

Former Miss Universe India, Ushoshi Sengupta took to Facebook on Tuesday to share the horrific series of events she had to go through on the intervening night of 17th and 18th June. Ushoshi narrated how her late night uber ride turned into a nightmare when a group of Rowdies rammed their bike into her cab.

Ushoshi in her Facebook post said that she was returning home from JW Marriot hotel in an uber cab at around 11:30pm, with a colleague. At near Elgin Road, some bike riding rowdies who did not even have helmets on their heads, collided with the cab. After which she says, around 15 boys gathered in no time, who dragged out the driver of the uber cab and started beating him mercilessly. This is when she decided to step out and protest, but in vein. The boys instead started chasing her.

In hopes of some help, Ushoshi ran up to Maidan police station. The cops there initially refused to help her saying that the matter comes under the jurisdiction of Bhowanipur police station. But after much requests they came at her help and held the rowdies for creating nuisance. The boys however quickly ran away by pushing the police men.

After all this, two officers from Bhowanipur arrived at the spot. Believing everything was over, Ushoshi requested the cab driver to drop her and her colleague to their respective homes. However to the utter surprise, Ushoshi after a while realised that they were still being followed by those same boys.

When Ushoshi was dropping her colleague, the boys once again attacked and tried to snatch away the phone from her hand which contained a video of the earlier scuffle. This time Ushoshi broke down and starting shouting which made locals of the area to come out. She also called her father and sister who lived in a nearby locality.

Finally police arrived and the nightmare ended, though the harrassment did not. She was asked by police to file a complaint at Charu market police station, from where she was once again turned back saying that the matter falls under Bhowanipur police station.

At the end she filed a complaint at Bhowanipur police station. Though the cops there denied to accept the FIR from the uber driver saying there can’t be two cases for same incident.