Former Tamil Journalist wished for Prime Minister to drown during his holy dip at Sangam

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday took a dip at the holy sangam (river confluence) in Prayagraj, during the ongoing Kumbh fair. It is regarded a holy act for the Hindus to take bath at the confluence of three rivers, Ganges, Yamuna and now extinct Saraswati in sacred Prayagraj city. However, very surprisingly after the Prime Minister took the holy dip, one former journalist on twitter wished that he had drowned into the river.

Sonia Arunkumar, a former journalist with the Tamil news channel, Puthiya Thalaimurai, tweeted that the Prime Minister should have drowned into the river confluence. The tweet, naturally, attracted flak from others on the micro-blogging site. Various people voiced their objections to Arunkumar’s remarks, but she categorically refused to delete her tweet and instead locked her twitter profile.

Meanwhile, SG Suryah, the President of Tamil Nadu unit of Youth BJP, alleged that the former journalist is a serial offender. He further urged the people on social networking site to come up with screenshots and URLs of Arunkumar’s previous abusive tweets.

A couple of hours later, in another tweet, GS Suryah claimed of receiving various calls from apolitical personalities about Sonia Arunkumar and tortures she allegedly meted out to them. “Receiving innumerable apolitical phone calls from media persons, technicians whom I’ve never know pouring out the tortures meted to them by this Sonia Arunkumar. There seems to have been an instance of her abusing movie reviewers in filthy language for which she had to apologise,” said GS Suryah.

After a dip at the sangam, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen paying his respects to a handful of safai karamcharis.

The occasion was “Swachh Kumbh Swachh Aabhaar” award – an acknowledgement for the efforts to keep the mela grounds clean. The “Aabhaar” (respect), however, took an unexpected turn as in front of television cameras, the Prime Minister proceeded to wash and wipe clean the feet of the five awardees.

His gesture at Kumbh was seen to emphasise his crusade for a Clean India and giving respect to those who help achieve it. Traditionally, sanitation workers usually come from the lowest echelons of society and have practically no social status.