Four Islamic clerics arrested in Bihar for raping and murdering minor madrasa student

Four Islamic clerics (maulvis) have been arrested in Bihar for raping and murdering a minor girl who used to study in their madrasa. This incident has been reported from the Adhang village in Purnia’s Jalalgarh police station region, in the state of Bihar.

As per reports, one of the accused named Sadiq got into a relationship with the minor victim and established intimate relations with her on the fake promise of marriage. But when he realised that the victim has conceived a child, he along with three other clerics hatched a conspiracy to save the name of the madrasa. Meanwhile the pressure to get married with the girl was mounting on Sadiq.

Finally on 4th January, the four called the girl to a house, where they brutally murdered her by slitting her throat. After the postmortem was conducted on the recovered body, the police discovered her pregnancy and launched a probe in this matter. The police as a result arrested four people including three Muslim clerics and the uncle of the victim. The accused are named, Mohammed Mojahid, Mohammed Zafar, Mohammed Sadiq and Sahabudin.

However, as per reports from Dainik Jagran and Dainik Bhaskar articles though claim that the girl was actually in a relationship with Mohammed Zafar. The Bhaskar article further claims that, some time later the Maulvi named Sadiq also fell in love with the girl and both started to sexually exploit her.

In order to crack the crime, the police questioned the aunt of the victim and used techniques like mobile surveillance to nab the accused, who have now been sent to jail.