FRAUD SONIA HAZIR HOO !! Some Interesting Facts You Must Read

FRAUD SONIA HAZIR HOO !! Some Interesting Facts You Must Read

So by the time you may be reading this article, the Congress would have started organising a show of strength at the Patiala court even as their “Madam” has told there should be no ‘tamasha’- an acknowledgement of two things-

  1. The party workers are indeed going to do the drama
  2. And, due to lack of support/sympathy generated on the ground, whatever drama they are putting up may well be a damp squib.

This is unprecedented, for the first time the royal family- supreme dynasty of the Grand Old Party would be appearing before the court. This is considering the possibility that the GOP may have taken up the challenge and the royal family would instead of seeking exemption from court appearance, shows itself up. That’s a matter of speculation. But going by some reports, it may well do the later which helps it to play the victim card. Also its said that they would bring in supporters to show sympathy and support to the family.

Some other theatrics are expected too such as jail bharo etc. By the way no congress supporter is foolhardy to do it.(

However the dramatic part of the story lies ahead. Under procedures, once an accused has been summoned, he or she has to appear before it and seek bail which the court may grant. If the accused does not apply for bail, the court can take him or her into judicial custody. Here is where the drama lies. It may not seek bail in this case. Projecting itself as the victim, it would strategise to gain support across the country while claiming the Dynasts have been sent to jail for all wrong reasons at the behest of PM Modi.

Perhaps the mood of the nation has not been gauged properly.There has been no strong support in favour of the Dynasty, so the decision on whether to seek bail may be taken only on the 19th.

However as the expert on the subject – @sgurumurthy has tweeted:  “All that Court will do in a summons cas like NH case is that the accused will give personal bond to appear when summoned again. No arrest. If Gandhis refuse to give personal bond to appear it means they are refusing to obey future summons. That will force court to order arrest.” ( This is because, this is a complaint not by the state but by a private individual. Had it been a public prosecutor, the importance assigned by the court is immense.

That was about the technical side of the appearance. Now why do we need all this explanation? Simple! Because the GOP has the habit of crying victimhood. So the strategy goes something like this-

  1. Create an atmosphere that the Gandhis have appeared before court.
  2. Then as there is no arrest even otherwise, once the court procedures of signing the bond etc are done, give the war cry that the court has freed the Gandhi- indicating they are/were innocent. Now there are enough gullible souls to believe this story.

But we have already spilled the beans- precautionary step needed in the present atmosphere of sold-out media who may well tow the GOP line.

Now coming to the issue of drawing parallels with Indira going to court in 1977 with her son. There is a huge difference between the two cases-

1977 Indira summoned 2015 Sonia summoned
1.       Summons by commission of inquiry

2.       Politically motivated, as commission set up by Janata party- political enemy of Indira G.

3.       Charges of excesses during the Emergency.

1.       Summoned by court of law

2.       Legal dimensions, as complaint by private individual (Dr.Swamy) who only later joined the BJP. Dr.Swamy had filed the complaint before the trial court only in 2012. So there is no question of political ‘motivations’.

3.       Charges are of financial irregularities, fraud and misappropriations to the tune of 5000 cr. Rs.


So Ravi Shankar Prasad rightly said- “Sonia is not Indira and 2015 is not 1977”. The circumstances differ, Sonia and Rahul don’t possess the personality of Indira and Sanjay while the cases are as same as apples and oranges.

Had there been no such fraud, then consider this-

On 17th December, the Associated Journals Ltd had an extraordinary meeting which sought to convert it into a not-for-profit company under sec.8 of the Companies Act. This is what @sgurumurthy had to say on this- “It is an admission of the fraud.Conversion of AJL to Charity co changes character of fraud from ownership to control of 1000s cr of assets by Gandhis(,but) Fraud remains.Unless Sonia and Rahul give then ownership and control of AJL to the Congress party they reaping the fruits of fraud.”

So it points to the matter of fact that even the Congress in the heart of heart knows there is foul play and Gandhis are in trouble , so they are moving at fast pace to clear up the mess.

All this is understanding is needed to ward off any attempt be the tricksters of the congress to distort facts and try to project a ‘hero (in this case a heroine as well)’ being victimised.

So today’s 3 PM drama has to be read in this backdrop. For now let’s wait and watch what steps the Congress takes. Interesting days ahead.