Freedom of speech, or not?

Indian constitution has given every Indian freedom of doing certain things. Freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom of association to name a few. Most important of this is Freedom of Speech and Expressions. . Freedom of Speech and expression means the right to express one’s own convictions and opinions freely by words of mouth, writing, printing, pictures or any other mode. Which means every Indian has the right to say what they feel about things happening around them, how the govt is performing, how certain players plays his shots.

Recently there have been few instances in Maharashtra where the MahaVikasAghadi Govt have tried to suppress the freedom of expression of people who have criticised their govt.

There are always 2 sides to a coin and we need to hear them both before we can conclude the topic. Also for easy this discussion is pre 2014 and post 2014 and post BJP exit from Maharashtra.

In 2014 General Elections were going to be held in India. The nation was in despair due to scams that shook the nation. 2G, 3G, Commonwealth to name a few of them. The nation was desperate for a change and when the campaigning began they found solace in the speeches of PM contender Narendra Modi. He was not a new name in politics as he was CM of Gujarat for 3 terms before this. His oratory skills were appreciated instantly as he struck the right chords with the youth of India.

The opposition didn’t have much to talk about during these times so they started to attack the humble background of the PM candidate. Pre elections and post elections after becoming the PM of India he was called various names such as “Chaiwala (tea seller),” “neech insan (lowly man)”, “maut ka saudagar, (merchant of death),” “an impotent” to name a few of them. The current textile minister is mocked for being an actress before coming into politics. In December 2019 there was picture of PM Modiji which became a meme material in no time and he even asked the handle who tweeted it to enjoy the memes.

Over the years this name calling and putting out dirty stories has been a primary modus operandi of the opposition. But we have not heard that a complaint has been launched by any ministers or even the PM. The former CM of Maharashtra was harassed for his caste during his term.

Now the other side where a few people tried to call names to the current CM of Maharashtra and guess what happened to them.

A civil engineer from Thane Anant Karsume was beaten black and blue over a Facebook post because he has made a comment about Minister Jitendra Avdhad. The local police too went to Mr Avadhas’s residence and then the minister’s supporters beat him up brutally. In another incidence one Mr Hiramani Tiwari posted a comment against CM Thackeray’s comment on the police action at Jamia Islamia. He was thrashed by the ruling party members and his head was shaved off. Very recently senior journalist of Republic TV Arnab Goswami was questioned for over 10 hours just for calling Mrs Sonia Gandhi by her real name. Certain Twitter handle posted a few questions and referred the CM of Maharashtra as Aurangzeb and his son Aditya Thackeray as a baby penguin. The police have booked this person under sections 292 (obscene acts or words in public), 500 (defamation) of the Indian Penal Code and 67 (publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form) of the Information Technology Act.

So now the question is how does this freedom of speech and expression really works? Is it right that some get punished for expressing themselves and some can get away with anything they say that too about the PM of a country? In spite of all this name calling I have seen very few and far between cases where any BJP minters have gone to the length. Were as on the other hand people in Maharashtra cannot even openly speak of how they feel about the Govt. This points out the deference better a how a leader should be.

For 5 years under BJP rule you will not find a single case where the CM took any such steps. Moreover, nothing is surprising with the way present Shiv Sena led Government is behaving. The party is known for a brand of politics which can neither be appreciated nor accepted in a civilized society. Racism, goondaism and suppression of opponents in all spheres through the might of muscles have been very cornerstones of the Shiv Sena ideology since its inception.

So how is Fuck Modi, Murderer Modi, Hitler Modi is acceptable and Aurangzeb CM Thackeray is unacceptable?

The author expresses her opinion on twitter with handle @curlykrazy07