Fresh development in Kanakdurga story: BJP leader suggests that she assaulted her mother-in-law and later spread false news

Earlier this morning, several news reports suggested that Kanakdurga, the woman who had trespassed into the Sabarimala shrine couple of weeks ago, got assaulted by her mother-in-law when she returned home. The reports claimed that Kanakdurga’s mother-in-law hit her using a wooden plank and that she sustained minor head injuries.

However as the day rolled, a completely contrasting version of the incident emerged. According to the second version, it was Kanakdurga who actually assaulted her mother-in-law, who is a staunch devotee of Lord Ayyappa, the presiding deity of Sabarimala shrine.

The second version of the incident was brought to light by Kerala BJP leader, Sandeep Varier, who shared a video on Facebook, which showed Kanakdurga’s mother-in-law lying on a hospital bed.

Link to the Sandeep Varier’s video:-

According to the other version of the incident, Kanakdurga knew that her husband’s family who hail from conservative Nair background, would not allow her inside their house following her antics in Sabarimala. To ensure an entry for herself, Kanakdurga reached the house, accompanied with police and local leaders of the CPI-M. As expected, her in laws resisted her entry, which resulted in quarrel. At this point, according to the allegations, Kanakdurga forcefully pushed her elderly mother-in-law.

Sandeep Varier alleged that when Kanakdurga was pushing her mother-in-law, the elderly lady too tried to push back, at that time the communist leaders and police called for a taxi and rushed her to hospital. He says that the entire news that Kanakdurga had been assaulted, was deliberately spread by the communists. He also suggests that Kanakdurga has no real injuries and that she is only doing “drama” to gain sympathy.

Currently both Kanakdurga and her mother-in-law, Sumati are hospitalised. With contrasting versions of the incidents coming up, we might have to wait a little for the authentic accounts to emerge.