From wooing Bangladeshi Hindu refugees to Shah touring every month, BJP leaving no stone unturned in its bid to win West Bengal

Time and again, BJP leaders have reiterated that theirs dream of a saffronised India would not be fulfilled until the state of West Bengal comes under its flag. The party has an opportunity to fulfill its dream come next year when West Bengal goes for elections and the saffron brigade doesn’t want to miss out.

The BJP is willing to leave no stone unturned before going for the West Bengal elections, and the party has decided to infuse all its organizational prowess into the state. Five top BJP leaders, known for being organizational leaders have been deployed in West Bengal. These are – Sunil Deodhar, Dushyant Gautam, Vinod Sonkar, Harish Dwivedi and Vinod Tawde. BJP has divided West Bengal into five zones and has trusted each one of them with its affairs.

Current BJP president JP Nadda and former president Amit Shah too will have their focus on the eastern state till elections. According to West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh, both Nadda and Shah will separately tour the state, every month till the much anticipated polls.

The party is fast emboldening its organization in the state by working on blue print laid by Amit Shah during his visit to the state, earlier in the month. From forming booth committees to keeping a list of voters who have smart phones in case of another COVID-19 compliant campaign , Mr. Shah has left a detailed 23 point to do list with workers.

One of the main issues which the BJP is looking to capitalize in the coming polls is to that of Citizenship Amendment Act. There is a large population of Hindu refugees from Bangladesh in West Bengal who are yet to be given permanent Indian citizenship. A large block of this population belong to the Matua sect, a reformist Hindu movement mainly compromised of schedule caste Namashudra community. BJP has its eyes on the strong Matua vote-bank, which till not-too-long ago used to back TMC.