FULL EXPOSE-complete bigotry and misrepresentation of JNU issue by new york times

New york times ,one of the prominent media house carried an editorial article today on the JNU issue with total misrepresentation of facts, and one sided biased highly opinionated article appeared to defame modi government at all costs.

We will try and dissect how the international media is hell bent to defame economic agenda of modi government apparently upset by increased global ranking of India as investment heaven.

1) NO mention of anti india slogans

Take a look at the second para, it has no mention of pro-afzal event and “india go back” slogans, or there is no mention of “we will work towards destruction of india” slogans, they also went on to say the afzal hanging is controversial.

Would they tolerated if this has happened in USA?

2) Diverting the issue form pro afzal event issue


First of all lawyers assaulting journalists nothing to with Modi / BJP ,and the art of linking everything to Modi is quiet visible all along the article.
Coming to OP sharma case, he was a BJP member, and Police took action and he was arrested and interrogated for 8 hours, the fact which is conveniently ignored by the so called editorial board. All along they never mentioned anti india slogans.

3)Revealing the ulterior motives: to defame Modi government


Now it covers media protests, this is nothing to with sedition charges ,bunch of indian journalists walked the delhi streets that’s all. and they never mentioned the fact that indian media was divided on this issue, and many boycotted.

Finally article talks of how this is going to hamper economic progress and thereby revealing their ulterior motives ie to defame the Modi government and cause destruction for economic progress happening under Modi.

Please report / write to their editorial board and report this article.