Furious over Ayodhya Verdict, Vishal Dadlani calls CJI Gogoi’s tenure “disgraceful”

Many a liberal are furious on the Supreme Court, ASI, facts, literally everything under the sun and the moon, ever since the Ayodhya verdict went the Hindus way. Even Ex Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi was not left out of the unnecessary controversy by these liberals.

Recently, music composer and well known member of Indian liberal circles, Vishal Dadlani had an outburst against the former Chief Justice.

While sharing a critical article on the former CJI’s tenure, Dadlani wrote, “Goodbye, ex-CJI Gogoi, and I hope you can stomach the disgraceful and cowardly legacy you have left this august Office.”

Right before leaving the office, CJI Ranjan Gogoi delivered the verdict in long pending Ayodhya land dispute. The disputed, believed to be the birth place of Hindu God Lord Rama, was handed over to the Hindus while another land of 5 acres was promised for the Muslim side as compensation. Till 1992, a structure stood at the land which the Muslims claimed a Mosque named Babri Masjid.

Meanwhile, people on social media have started demanding the ouster of Dadlani from popular reality television show, Indian idol, where he serves as a judge.

This is not the first time Dadlani has sparked controversy. Recently, amid the current chaos between Shiv Sena-Bharatiya Janata Party and the involvement of the Nationalist Congress Party and Indian Congress, Vishal tweeted, ‘You know what’s incredible’ 99% of Mumbai couldn’t care less about whatever is going on with the formation/non-formation of the Maharashtra government. What amazing apathy! Such a disconnect with our own lives for the next 5 years! Wow! #SpiritOfMumbai”.