Future Congress leaders will thank Swamy for weeding our Nehru-Gandhi dynasty through National Herald Saga

Setting aside all the National tamasha which has been happening in Delhi at the Patiala Court today, the future AICC, around  two to three decades from now will most probably look back at this inception of National Herald case and thank BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy for cleansing the long burdened connection of the Nehru – Gandhi family with the Congress party. It is a known fact the Mohandas Karamchandan Gandhi, one of the front runners in the Indian Freedom movement against the Colonial British, wanted the Congress party to be immediately dissolved post the Indian Independence movement. But the humongous task of reconstruction of India and the lack of a stable leadership apart from the existing Congress party ensured the party’s transition into a Democratic free Nation called India.

While the popular choice of Prime Minister in 1947 was Sardar Vallabhai Patel, petty politics and silly secularism by M K Gandhi ensured that the top job was given to Jawaharlal Nehru which subsequently established the inception of Nehru – Gandhi dynasty into AICC and India. The first free elections in 1951-52, saw an unprecedented win for Nehru as Prime Minister of India but the fact remains that post the Indian Independence movement even a lamppost under the symbol of Congress would have comfortably secured a victory. Though several might hail Jawaharlal Nehru as the father of Indian socialism, the inability to predict the  trouble mounting on India by China and Pakistan, the failure to shed Colonial British ideas and it was his socialism which lead to a cancerous growth to the current state of pseudo secularism in India, popularly tagged as  minority appeasement politics.

Apart from few examples of shades of excellence from Lal Bahadhur Sasthri, the little man with big ideas, Kamarajar one who excelled in representing the poor of this Nation and P V Narashima Rao, the man who made big strides in the economic progress of India, all genes from the Nehru – Gandhi family namely Indira Gandhi and her sons Sanjay and Rajiv Gandhi had mastered the art of murdering the Indian Constitution for their own frivolous personal needs. The Emergency declared in 1975, raiding Golden Temple of Amritsar, mass murders in Assam, the Bofor’s scam, Bhopal Gas tragedy and 1984 Sikh Riots are few of the biggest lows India as a Nation has ever seen.

Sonia Gandhi, an outsider to this Nation with misplaced genes had mastered her personal traits from her famous Mother in Law in tackling Political issues in India. Her entry into the helm of party affairs can be summed by the locking up of the existing President into the Bathroom closet for hours. Sonia has genuinely matured from being a Bahu in the household of Nehru – Gandhi clan to tactfully owning implementation for some of the biggest scams in India. The Commonwealth Games Scam, Coal Scam, 2G Spectrum Scam, National Herald Scam, Black money stashed abroad and yet to break Thorium Scam is just a repeat of what India has been dreading from the past in the hands of Nehru – Gandhi family. Apart from this, the yet to find 3rd type of bullet in Indira Gandhi’s body and alliance with DMK who created an environment for growth of LTTE in Tamil Nadu, which finally murdered Ex-PM Rajiv Gandhi are few of the biggest eyebrow raisers for Sonia.

Coming to the current Rahul Gandhi who is as dumb as a dodo bird, is the latest in the Gandhi genes who has failed to allow young leaders to rise up in the Congress party. The National Herald saga might take years to convict Sonia and Rahul in the eyes of the law but it will definitely make the Congress party search for alternate options rather than clinging to the dynastic growth within its own backyard.

We can conveniently re-quote the 1984 line of Rajiv Gandhi post Sikh riots in saying that “The Earth shakes when a big tree falls” but in this case the Earth can be metaphorically compared to the Congress Party and the big tree falling is the ideological fall of the Nehru – Gandhi dynasty by Subramaniam Swamy due to National Herald Scam

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