Gautam Gambhir hits back at AAP over Jalebi row

East Delhi MP and former India cricketer Gautam Gambhir hit back at the Aam Aadmi Party for trolling him over his professional outing at Indore. Recently, Gambhir was seen in a few photographs having ‘jalebis and poha’ at a food corner with former cricketer VSS Laxman and TV journalist Jatin Sapru at Indore during a test match between India and Bangladesh.

“If Delhi’s pollution rose because I ate jalebis, then I can give up jalebis altogether,” Gautam Gambhir told news agency ANI. “They started trolling me within 10 minutes…if they had invested so much effort in reducing pollution, we would have been able to breathe,” the first-time parliamentarian fumed.

Gambhir had to visit Indore for his professional commitments as a commentator, however due to it he missed a critical meeting in which Delhi’s growing pollution problem was supposed to be discussed. As Gambhir had been very vocal against the Delhi’s AAP government over the pollution issue, his opponents saw his absence as an opportunity to target him.

Posters saying ‘Gambhir has gone missing’ were witnsseed in Delhi. “Lapata (Missing). Have you seen this person? He was last seen eating ‘jalebis’ in Indore. All of Delhi is looking for him,” read one of the posters.

Gambhir has accused AAP of making an issue of his commercial engagements, in which he entered into before becoming an MP, to mask the ”incompetence” and ”political greed” of their leader (Arvind Kejriwal). It is the “saddest thing” that the party, which claims to represent the honest people, could do, said the ex-cricketer.