Gaurav Pandhi Trolled When He Tried to Malign The Image of Nationalist To Save His Master Rahul Gandhi

A nondescript Congressman, Gaurav Pandhi, Convener of the IT Cell of the Delhi Congress, didn’t think twice before he shamelessly attacked Priti Gandhi with sheer lies questioning the religion of her maternal and paternal grand fathers. Gaurav Pandhi called Priti’s mother, a Muslim, born to a practicing Muslim father and Hindu mother.

The malicious campaign was initiated against Priti Gandhi, National Executive Member, BJP Mahila Morcha to justify Rahul Gandhi writing his name in non Hindu register in Somnath Temple. It was bound to trigger an uproar about religion of Rahul Gandhi among common citizens, because Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother late Indira Gandhi was married to a Parsi, Feroze Gandhi. And his mother is Christian. Rahul Gandhi has connection of Parsi and Christianity. Just to lure Gujarat voters he has been visiting temples to prove he is Hindu. Rahul Gandhi would have been wise if he would have revealed his actual religion.

Priti Gandhi, has produced legal documents about her grandfather exposing Gaurav Pandhi’s spiteful campaign against her just to earn proximity to his boss.

Gaurav Pandhi, now it is your turn to apologise publicly for your lies against Mrs. Gandhi. What is interesting in this hateful campaign that a Congressman ends up making his self goal.