Gaurav Pradhan Who Hits The Bulls Eye In 2014 Loksabha, US & UP Elections Now Makes Prediction for 2019

Dr. Gaurav Pradhan is a data scientist by profession. A Chief Information Officer who plans to bring data revolution. He claims to have 25+ years of experience which is a big feat. Many follow him on Twitter including the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

He made wonderful predictions. Let us see some of them

  1. He declared that USA elections are all between Trump and Hillary in December 2015 itself…

2. He exposed Award Wapsi gang in October 2015

3. He declared Trump winning in March 2016 itself

4. In October 2016, he told Trump to expose Clinton

You can scroll down to see someone tweeting Trump loses elections. We all know Trump got 290+ seats thus proving DrGPradhan right.

5. He confirmed in July 2016 why he chose to name Trump as Mr. Clinton

6. He declared results of India elections in March 2014 that BJP will get 280 – 285 seats alone and NDA shall get 327 – 332 tweets…

7. In September 2016, he predicted crash of Real Estate in India

Indian Real Estate will crash in 2018

8. He also predicted Demonetization and its accurate timing. Read the tweet of Akash Soni of News 18 below:

9. He Predicted 300+ Seats for BJP In 2017 UP Elections. 

Now here’s what he predicts for 2019 Elections: