Gautam Gambhir’s unique suggestion to solve Kashmir problem

Since past few days, the Indian security forces had to face heavy stone pelting and assaults from separatist elements in the Kashmir Valley. In a video that surfaced couple of days back, a group of stone pelters were seen brutally attacking a CRPF Jeep with stones. The attack was so intense that CRPF had no option but to break the traffic rules and run-over a stone pelters to escape from the situation without causing much casualties.

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Even after the incident CRPF was attacked using stones and grenades at several places in the Valley. Amidst the escalating tensions in Kashmir cricketer and former Indian vice-captain Gautam Gambhir has come out in support of the security forces.

In a tweet, Gautam Gambhir suggested a very unique idea to solve the Kashmir issue. He said that politicians should be allowed to contest in 2019 general elections only after they spend a week in the Valley with their families and without security. He added that such a practice will make politicians understand plight of Indian forces.

“I have a solution:Make it mandatory for politicians to spend a week in troubled parts of Kashmir along with their families&without security. Only then they b allowed to contest 2019 elections. No other way to make them understand d plight of armed forces & a well-meaning Kashmiri,” Gautam Gambhir tweeted.

In yet another tweet he wondered whether the Nation and Government still feels there is room for dialog with stone pelters and other separatist elements. He has called the country’s politicians to show political will.

Gautam Gambhir has always been a great supporter of India’s Armed and Security forces. Unlike other cricketers, he never shies away from making strong statements about National issues.