Ghulam Nabi Azad admits that BJP has a RSS inspired robust system, something which the Congress lacks

Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad on Sunday opened up about the leadership of crises through which Congress party is currently going through. While giving a clean-chit to Gandhis, Azad conceded that there is need for elections in the party as there is a growing sense of leader-lessness among the workers.

However, while speaking about the state of Congress party and how it could be fixed, Azad made an unexpected admission. The former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister admitted that their arch-rivals BJP has a RSS inspired robust system, something they lack.

Conceding that BJP has an organizational edge over congress Azad said, “BJP has an advantage that it has a system and Congress needs to set up a system of its own.”

“I am not saying that workers are to blame for the party’s debacle. Leaders come up on their own. Modiji came up on his own. We being in the opposition are worried about the country. We need to change the system. BJP’s advantage is that it has a system. Whether it be Atalji, Advaniji or any other leader, they work according to the system of the RSS,” he said.

Criticizing the current state of Congress party after debacle in Bihar and by-polls in various states, Azad said that polls are not won by five-star culture and party office-bearers should be elected. “Polls aren’t won by 5-star culture. Problem with leaders today is if they get a party ticket, they first book a 5-star hotel. They won’t go if there’s a rough road. Till the time 5-star culture is given up, one can’t win elections,” the Congress leader said.

Azad said the “culture of sycophancy” has become one of the main reasons for the party’s collapse, as well as the downfall of leaders. “We should stay away from this culture at all levels. Politics is a penance. Shame on those who join politics for enjoyment & money,” he said.