Girl dies after being gang raped in West Bengal

Miss Sarkar a 22 year old poor girl from Bolpur municipality of Birbhum District, West Bengal was brutally gang raped on Saturday by a group of 4-5 men. Following the horrific incident she attempted to end her life by burning herself. After the failed suicide attempt she was taken to Kolkata for treatment where she took her last breath on monday morning.

Before her death the victim on a tape alleged that on Saturday she was gang raped by a construction worker named Hafizul and his friends. She further alleged that Hafizul had raped her alone several times before the gang rape on Saturday.

She said that this Hafizul was doing some construction work near her house during which he captured some naked images of her secretly, taking advantage of the semi-open bathroom. He later blackmailed her that he would share the images on Internet if she doesn’t meet him. ” One day he told me that I have dirty pictures of your’s and if you tell anyone then I’ll share them. He told me to meet him next day, I refused but he kept insisting and told me if I don’t meet him then he will share them (images) on Internet. I had to meet him and he took me to (some) Park where he raped me “, narrated the victim before her death.

As per the last statement of victim the accused Hafizul raped her several times using those images as a tool to blackmail her. According to Miss Sarkar, Hafizul is married and has children. She had asked him to leave her for the sake of his children but he did not. On Saturday Hafizul allegedly returned with some friends and gang raped her.

In kolkata Miss Sarkar was admitted at Calcutta Medical Collage and hospital. Various right wing activists were present at the time of her death. They have demanded death penalty for the culprit Hafizul and his friends. The mainstream media of West Bengal has not given any coverage to the news yet. There are no reports of any action taken against the culprits yet by the administration.

” I demand fansi (death penalty) for him “, were the last words of Miss sarkar before passing away.