The Rise of Right Wing Nationalism in the Global Arena & Dr. Gaurav Pradhan’s Dream of a New World Order

November 9, 2016; Raipur

It was a cool morning. Temperature was 22° Celsius. I had slept really late the night before and was trying to sleep till the last crucial second. Until my father shook me a little. “Utho! Trump jeet raha hai!” (Get up! Trump is winning!)

I realised what a big day today was, jumped out of bed and ran to the living room. As I switched on the TV, I saw that all of India (& the world) was in sheer disbelief! It was only last night that PM Modi had demonetised currency worth over 14 Lakh Crore Rupees in less than 54 minutes, just two shy of his (rightfully claimed) chest size in inches. And now, this! Everyone was in utterly shocked to see Donald Trump on the way to securing a decisive victory. Many could not hold their tears back to see their blue eyed girl lose!

2 hours Later…

The seventh floor of Hotel Dolphin at Visakhapatnam is a typical old school restaurant called Horizon. The place has a classy feel – carpet covered floor, archaic furniture, oak wall covers, a small attached bar and a live band with an acoustic guitar. The view from floor to ceiling windows is glorious. I closed my eyes and smiled as I remembered the place. And then, I dialled the number…

“Duudeee! What the hell? How were you SO sure?” asked my old pal as soon as he received my phone call.
“Horizon! Your treat!,” I said reminding him.
“Wait for the results, buddy! It’s not over until it’s over!,” he said, trying to delay the inevitable.



There was overwhelming support for Hillary Clinton in the market and the mainstream media. Every visible person had taken it for granted that Hillary was going to be the next President of the United States of America and the de facto strongest person in the world. I, on the other hand, was busy challenging my peers that Trump was going to have a comfortable victory. My confidence in Trump (Dr. Pradhan) was high, that I was even ready to bet in dollars. I was mocked at, made fun of, even called pagal (crazy).

The people who were mocking me were my own ideological partners. However, they did not respond to me today and probably won’t do so for the next 8 years. Anyway, as my friend and I went back and forth about the pros and cons of Donald Trump, we were both in agreement on one point. “Doctor” is a genius!


The Mystery Called Dr. Gaurav Pradhan

“Doctor” is the term I use, only for the sake of brevity, to refer to him in public and my circles. The name is Dr. Gaurav Pradhan. He is one of the top 10 CIOs in the world. He is also the pioneer in IOT (Internet of Things) – World #1 a technology which, when the right time comes, will have more credible information about you than your kundali. I came across the name Dr. Gaurav Pradhan after Rajdeep Sardesai’s faux pas at Madison Square Garden a little over 2 years ago. While a resident Indian was insulting Indians abroad, an NRI was standing up for the Indian Community.

Ever since, I have been a dedicated follower of Doctor. Very few people living here in India are even ready to accept as a plausible theory what Dr. Gaurav Pradhan knows as the truth sitting in the US. Dr. Pradhan is a phenomenon. People on the social media either endorse him, or hate him – both with a passion! With time, I started accepting his theories as most of what he says happens. Though I am not aware where he gets his information from, but in following him over the past 2 years, I have found strong faith in his words. I am reasonably convinced that Dr. Gaurav Pradhan does not tweet fiction. More credibility was added when I realised that he was being followed by PM Modi himself!

Recently, I have started to notice that there is tremendous opposition against Dr. Gaurav Pradhan. Several people have made fun of him & trolled him for no reason! Interestingly, the hatred comes from both sides – the left and the right! Though leftists are beyond repair, I just failed to understand why a person with such a brilliant mind was being mocked this way from my side! A couple of times, I was caught in the crossfire myself! Right Wingers do troll me at times. This is one of the main reasons I can relate with him. I do get agitated. However, Dr. Gaurav Pradhan went on doing his work & exposing anti-India forces in greatest detail.

I have shared his matter on Satyavijayi in the past & shall keep sharing more in the future! Meanwhile, coming back to the US Elections, many people asked him several times over who will win the elections. He always had one answer – “Mr. Clinton”.

One of these answers was directed to me earlier this July:

Finally, one guy got frustrated & asked him what he meant:

And it is not that Dr. Pradhan suddenly caught a new story. It was on the cards since the beginning.

And this is not even the first time. The biggest strength of Dr. Gaurav Pradhan is his consistency. The ability to give pointed information over and over again is what sets Dr. Gaurav Pradhan apart from all else! Take this one from March, 2014 for example:


Some “experts” were projecting a Third Front government. Some, a hung parliament, while others a magical Congress resurrection – as late as one month before the elections. Dr. Gaurav Pradhan, in March, had predicted the above. The results, as we all know was the same (BJP: 282, NDA: 336).

Whether it is the ongoing campus ruckus due to the missing “student” of JNU, the Dalit drama after the Una incident, exit of Prashant Kishor from Congress’ UP management team, or the Surgical Strikes (both cross border & within), Dr. Gaurav Pradhan had already hinted these well in advance!

Today, Dr. Pradhan finally told us what we all already knew:

Today, for the first time, Dr. Pradhan let his anguish surface:


Dr. Gaurav Pradhan & his idea of a New World Order

People may abuse me. However, the results of the US elections will always remain a moral victory to me. For, I know that going with the flow is never important. And that truth will always triumph! More importantly, the rise of the right is now officially complete. Vlad, Nethanyahu, Modi & now, Trump will establish a New World Order. The global scenario that some of us had always dreamt of is now complete. The world is in now safer hands.

With Donald, America has won! With Donald, I have won! And with Donald have won those millions of people who had been victimised due to the war, the bloodshed and the greed of a few people. And most importantly, with Donald Trump has won the one person who has, without doing anything personally, been the reason behind my confidence & inspiration. The force which kept me sure when the entire world was singing hymns about Hillary – Dr. Gaurav Pradhan!

I am going to take my leave with a Mahatma Gandhi quote:

First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they fight you
And then, you win!

Sumit Agrawal