Gold, silver bricks donated for Ram temple construction by sadhus from Tamil Nadu

Sadhus from Tamil Nadu have brought two bricks made of gold and silver, with ‘Shri Ram’ in Tamil etched on them, which will be donated to Ram Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshetra Trust.

“We have brought the gold and silver bricks for donating it for the purpose of the grand temple of Lord Ram in Ayodhya. We received monetary donations from people of Tamil Nadu and procured the bricks with that sum,” Sant Mannargudi Jiyarswami told ANI.

“It is left for the trust to use it in whichever way they deem fit. Our only purpose is that a grand Ram temple should be built,” he added.
The gold brick weighs 5 kg and the silver one weighs 20 kg.

The holy men are from different districts of Tamil Nadu and came to Ayodhya to participate in the ‘bhoomi pujan’.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone for Ram temple in Ayodhya on August 5.

The apex court, on November 9 last year, had directed the Central government to hand over the site at Ayodhya for the construction of a Ram temple.