Google search for ‘Bhikari’ in Urdu showing Imran Khan’s pictures, Pakistan gearing up to summon Sundar Pichai

Recently, Google CEO Sundar Pichai had to appear for an US Congress hearing on why President Donald Trump’s pictures were popping up for the search of keyword ‘idiot.’ Pichai elaborately explained how the search system in Google works. The hearing was nothing less to a laugh-riot.

Basically, Pichai explained that when a keyword is searched in Google Images, the results come up with images that use the term as a tag. However it doesn’t seem like Pichai is out of harm’s way yet, with now Pakistani government planning to summon the Google CEO.

Pakistani Punjab assembly has passed a resolution to summon the Google CEO for a hearing. According to the Pakistani sources, search for ‘Bhikari (beggar)’ in Urdu is showing pictures of Prime Minster Imran Khan.

Nevertheless, the ‘beggar’ tag just doesn’t seem to be leaving Imran Khan. Not too long ago, Pakistan state broadcaster PTV, misspelled Beijing as ‘begging’ during Khan’s address from the Chinese capital. The PTV error led to a furore on social media with Khan getting massively trolled by the twitterati.