Google taking down video session of Isaignani Ilayaraja is sheer hypocrisy

On March 2018, Isaignani Ilayaraja, in an interactive Q&A session in Google headquarters questioned the truth behind the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ilaiyaraja reportedly said that he saw a documentary on YouTube which claimed that Jesus Christ’s resurrection did not happen. Then he went on to claim that true resurrection took place for Ramana Maharishi at the age of 16 and also explained how it happened.

Members of several Christian groups (Sirupanmai Makkal Nala Katchi) tried to conduct agitations in front of his house in Chennai but were detained by the the Pondy Bazaar police. The transcript of his statement on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and Sri Ramana Maharishi can be seen below:-

“They say of Jesus Christ that he resurrected and came back from death. Whenever I have had time, I used to watch documentaries on YouTube. There are documentaries which reject the claims of Jesus’s resurrection. They give a lot of arguments and proof against his resurrection. The very basis on which Christianity had expanded for the last 2,000 years – the belief that he died and he resurrected – getting refuted with proof and documentaries are available on YouTube. Whether resurrection (of Jesus) happened or not, the real resurrection happened for only Bhagwan Sri Ramana Maharishi. That too when he was just 16 years old, he was overcome with the fear of death and he decided to experience what exactly was death. He laid down and stopped breathing and all his vital activities ceased. He saw his own dead body. Then he went into the question of who was the one experiencing death and transcended all these stages and went into realisation. After that he came back into the dead body. This resurrection happened only to Sri Ramana Maharishi.”

The Youtube Channel “Talks At Google” has now taken down this video, it no longer appears in their video list.

While this video is still in available in several other youtube channels, it is surprising to see that Google has taken down this video from their channel. One can only wonder what could be the possible reason for this act from Google? Is this probably because Ilayaraja had questioned the existence of Jesus Christ? Is this because he had openly endorsed a Hindu saint like Sri Ramana Maharishi?

This dubious act of Google to silently taken down the video of a world renowned musician like “Isaignani Ilayaraja” can be termed nothing short of a silly behaviour.