Good News: Government to Deport Bangladeshi Infiltrators from Assam

Modi stops Bangladeshi Infiltrators

The BJP had stormed into power in Assam with a range of issues, including exporting illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators back. The issue of illegal immigration has been a cause of concern for India for really long. A substantial number of Bangladeshi infiltrators enter Assam every year. The outgoing Congress government had failed to control this over the years. However, both Congress & AIUDF were merely doing lip service.

Assamese natives had deep resentment over this issue. BJP was quick in reading the writing on the wall. BJP included this issue in their election manifesto for the Assam Assembly elections earlier this year. The BJP declared that, if voted in power, they would deport Bangladeshi infiltrators. The Assamese public responded by giving a thumping mandate to BJP. They won 86 out of 126 seats and Sarbananda Sonowal took over as the Chief Minster.

Showing that the BJP never compromises on national security; the Centre immediately announced their intention to seal the Assam side of the India-Bangladesh border by July 2017. They have already started working towards it. Now, they have released a roadmap to deport Bangladeshi infiltrators. Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma is the right-hand man of CM Sonowal. He holds multiple portfolios in the Assam government, including Finance. Dr. Sarma reportedly told an International Media House:

The rate of population growth of native Assamese is declining. But the of Muslims is rising. Most of them are Bangladeshi infiltrators. If this continues, the native Assamese will become a minority soon. We will lose our language, our culture, & our identity.


Detect-Delete-Deport Bangladeshi Infiltrators

Many Bangladeshi infiltrators have already obtained Indian identity cards using fake information. The government has prepared a model to combat this. State government officers are creating a population register. Digitising the data online revealed some startling irregularities. For instance, several dozen people have listed the same man/woman as a “parent”. Some dates of births made it biologically impossible for the woman to be the claimant’s “mother”.

Now, a population register of the Assamese population is being prepared. This will be followed by the proposed “Detect-Delete-Deport” model:

  1. DETECT: The authorities are investing residents with suspicious data. Then, they are tracing their backgrounds and verifying their identity information.
  2. DELETE: If the data was found fake or their background untraceable, they are striking off their identity from the record.
  3. DEPORT: The authorities then deport the illegal immigrants. This process has already started and India had sent back 10 people early in November.

India and Bangladesh have no bilateral agreement for this. However, the Bangladeshi government accepted the first batch of 10 earlier this month. The government has confirmed inputs that radical terrorist organisations such as the ISIS have tried to push their terrorists along Bangladeshi infiltrators. A native Assamese said:

There are so many of them spread all over the state. We are anxiously waiting for the government to finish its paperwork and uproot them.

Meanwhile, the BJP had also promised a law to punish those who hide Bangladeshi infiltrators. News is that we will see it very soon.