Govt Of India Sanctioned 800 Crores To End The Game For Pakistan

In a significant initiative to plug infiltration by Pakistan backed militants, the Centre has approved Rs 800 crores to install world’s best technology along the International Border with the help of Israel and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) students, which would gradually cover entire 198-kilometers long border in Jammu spread over the districts of Jammu, Samba and Kathua.
“The focus is on to trap the militants even if they managed to breach border fencing or infiltrate through tunnels, as has been witnessed on some occasions in the past. The technology would ensure that the militants are trapped on the border at any cost,” official sources told the Excelsior.
They said the preliminary experiments on the project have been very successful. The Centre has approved Rs 800 crores for the project as it would be bearing entire cost for installation of latest laser-based technology on the International Border.
For the first time, sources pointed out, the Government of India is officially taking the assistance of Israel in installation of world’s latest technology equipments on the International Border to trap the militants during their infiltration attempts. Apart from Israel, the students of Indian Institute of Management are also working on the project and would assist in it.
“This would be first of its kind project in the country. The beginning has been made from Jammu. In the second-phase, the Government of India proposed to extend the project to neighbouring State of Punjab,” sources said.
To begin with, the Border Security Force (BSF), which mans entire international boundary in Jammu right from Lakhanpur to Akhnoor, would be initiating two pilot projects of five kilometers each in Jammu and Samba sectors. After success of the project, it would be extended to entire International Border in Jammu, followed by Punjab, where the militants have major focus.
While major features of the project are kept secret strategically, sources said it would be “technological based solution” to the infiltration attempts by the militants along the International Border.
“It would also help in plugging gaps on the borders caused due to riverines etc and would trap the militants even if they managed to infiltrate by breaching the border fence or through tunnels. The idea is to trap the militants at any cost on the border and don’t allow them to reach up to the National Highway or other places to target security forces installations and civilian areas,” sources said.
Pointing out that Israel companies are known to be the best in latest technology based solution for plugging infiltration, sources said the Government has decided to take their help to guide Rs 800 crore worth project on the International Border. Israel has agreed to the proposal, they added.
Jammu and Kashmir and its neighbouring State of Punjab have been chosen by the Government of India for the latest project with a view to block all infiltration attempts by the militants from Pakistan. The project would be first completed in Jammu and then taken up in Punjab, sources said.
Sources said the project was aimed at reducing the focus on additional deployment of manpower to plug the gaps and use technology to trap the militants infiltration from across the border.
In the past, Pakistani militants have used both Jammu and Punjab borders to infiltrate into the Indian territory. The International Border in Jammu, Samba and Kathua districts and bordering Pathankot district of Punjab have been the most vulnerable in terms of infiltration of militants.
There have been reports that a large number of militants continue to camp along the International Border on Pakistan side opposite Jammu and Punjab awaiting an opportunity to sneak into the Indian side to create disturbances.
However, alert jawans of the BSF haven’t allowed the infiltration attempts by the militants to succeed.

Source dailyexcelsior