Haha !! Even Sonu Nigam Will Enjoy This Brilliant Song Created by Ashish Dhar on Fatwa Controversy-VIDEO

We all get irritated by Noice. There are many patients, who feel threatened. NGO’s raise hell number of concerns on Diwali and other festivals but no one questions Azaan braodcasted on Loud speaker’s of Mosques daily 5 times starting as early as 4 AM.

At one side, many muslims call Music and Dancing haram and give reasons that since it was not there during Mohammad’s period and hence its haram. So was electricity and loud speaker there at the time of Mohammad? by the same logic, it it also not haram.

Also these extremely secular and peaceful community of earth give reasons like we are waking up people for prayer in morning. These tolerant, secular and liberal community still lives in Mohammad period, where there was no alarms. One, who want to wake up can have alarm on his cell phone and others can sleep peacefully(this time the real peace).

Sonu Nigam protested on this and called this openly on twitter. Those self proclaimed messiah of Bollywood, who even blame PM for slightest of issues like Mahesh Bhat, Jawed Akthar, Aamir khan etc are completely silent and have no comments.

A Jihadi Mulla from west bengal even issued a Fatwa on Sonu Nigam that whoever will get Sonu balded will attract gift of INR 10 lakh. Sonu Nigam himself called his hair stylist and got himself bald, which is a slap on the face of jihadi mulla, who issued fatwa.

Breaking News: Sonu Nigam Really Shaves his head after a fatwa was issued by a Mulla from Bengal

Here is Ashish Dhar from Pragyata with a very innovative, hilarious and a great video song dedicated to Sonu Nigam and a slap on face of Jihadi Mulla.


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