Hardah village of West Bengal is being filled with Rohingya Muslim population

On 2nd of January 2018, Satyavijayi covered the story about how Rohingya Muslims are being settled down in several rural areas of West Bengal. Now months after the Satyavijayi story, new shocking developments about the situation are coming up.

Hindu Samhati founder, Tapan Ghosh had recently tweeted an image of a large number of Muslim people including woman and children. He claimed all the the people seen in the image are Rohingya Muslims and belong to one single family, that got shelter in West Bengal.


We decided to dig more into the entire situation and in order to do so, we contacted Mr, Prasun Maitra, an advocate and leader of Hindu Samhati. What Prasum told us about the large scale Rohingya settlement that is going on in West Bengal, is both terrifying and worrisome.

Prasun told us that most of the Rohingya muslims are being settled in a rural village named Hardah, that is under Baruipur police station of South 24 Pargana district. He alleged that entire settlement of illegal Rohingya infiltrators in Hardah Village is being carried out under the name of a group named ‘Desh Bachao Committee’ led by Hosen Gazi. He further suggested that Rohingyas are being given regular lessons of Bengali language and expressed his concerns that in next census all of them will identify themselves as natives.

After receiving important information from Prasun Maitra, we proceeded to investigate about the so-called ‘Desh Bachao Committee.’ During our investigation we came across a leaflet of a program that was organized at Rohingya camp in Hardah Village by the same organization on 22nd February 2018.

The leaflet lists a total of 22 individuals as Chief guests in the program, this includes names like Soukat Molla (MLA of TMC from Canning East), Nirmal Mandal (MLA of TMC from Baruipur East), Shyamal Mandal (MLA of TMC from Canning West), and Arijit Sinha (SP of Baruipur).


Rural areas of West Bengal like Ghutiari Sharif and Hardah are being filled with illegal Rohingya population under the nose of State Government and allegedly with their consent. Reports of Rohingyas illegally infiltrating and settling in various areas of West Bengal are floating around social media from quite a some time. Questions are also being raised at the intentions of Central Government as it is their duty to ensure Border Security Force prevents the cross border infiltration.

Top TMC leaders and administrative officials attending programs organized by ‘Desh Bachao Committee’ at Rohingya camps seem to indicate that the Mamata Banerjee Government is well aware of the Rohingya settlements and is probably supporting it.