More Hardik Patel Videos

Hardik Patel videos are becoming a regular thing. Again a set of five new videos allegedly showing Hardik Patel in compromising position with a woman along with fellow PAAS leader Ravi Patel and Brijesh Patel went viral. This is the third set of videos to go viral on Internet in a series of Hardik Patel videos. The PAAS leaders have expressed their anger and alleged the videos to be doctored by BJP. “A person believed to be close to a top BJP leader had released Hardik’s first video. Today, the same persons has released the videos, all of which are morphed, ” Alleged a PAAS leader.

The videos show Hardik Patel in a room with two more men and a woman. After sometime the two men leaves the room switching the lights off and nothing is visible thereafter. Hardik Patel alleged the videos to be morphed and called this a BJP conspiracy. He further alleged that as the Gujarat state polls are closing in the BJP will release more such videos. “The BJP has been shattered with the latest IB reports and its own survey that predicts a humiliating loss for the BJP that will just get 70-80 seats in the Legislative Assembly election and have resorted to cheap politics.”

Dinesh Bambhania the co-convenor of PAAS also called the videos to be doctored and asked the media to not to play them, “We have repeatedly said that the clips are fake and doctored by BJP to defame Hardik Patel. We request the media not to play the videos as they are not genuine. This is just a conspiracy to derail the movement,” he said. It remains to be seen if the videos affect the image of Hardik Patel and the Congress party, which he is supporting just days before the polls.