Height of Shamelessness !! What Islamist Scholars are doing to Degrade the Life of Muslim Daughters is Deeply Saddening!!

Hmm… Suddenly people of a particular religion have decided that it is time to ‘protect’ women – by protesting against the criminalization of the Triple Talaaq, by supporting Nikah Halala, by committing ‘love jihads’, by covering up the women from head to toe & by showing anguish if the female form is visible even a bit. How about protecting women by teaching men the meaning of ‘NO’, teaching men to stop staring, molesting, raping women/girls/children, teaching men to be satisfied with one woman, teaching men to look upon women with equality, teaching men to give separated/divorced women their share of family wealth, educating women? SAY WHAT???? That is not protecting women, that is empowering women & that should be stopped at all costs! Right?!?

Recently, a video showing a Professor telling his students how to dress up went viral. Prof Jouhar Munavvir T, who works at the Farook Training College in the northern Kerala city of Kozhikode, used a lot of his speaking and training skills to instruct his girl students how to dress up. He was anguished that girls “tie a scarf around their head, leaving a part of their chest, a body part that attracts men, exposed.” “When you wear a hijab, you are supposed to cover your breasts because men find them most attractive in a woman,” Munavvir said. “But what do they (the girls) do? They only cover their head and show off a portion of their body….In shops, people keep a cut watermelon on display so customers can come and choose what they want. That is how you [women] are also behaving.”  The teacher had also flayed girl students for showing the leggings they wear under Purdah. “80% of students on the campus are girls and majority of them are Muslims…they wear Purdah, but hold it up exposing the leggings,” he had said. Reportedly he said these words of ‘wisdom’ at a counselling session 2 or 3 months ago. But the lecture went viral only recently.

As expected there were many protests by girls and women, asking for action to be taken against the Professor. Most of the protesters were carrying watermelons to show their disgust for his remarks. Something very surprising is that it took so long for someone to actually share the speech. This could mean one of the 2 things –

  • The students were too scared to protest. Which is understandable because even after covering themselves up in a purdah, a teacher could only see the legs (which again were covered in leggings) and the cleavage (which also presumably was covered with the purdah & kameez or shirt).
  • The students were ashamed to share such a video with their friends because they were filled with guilt and shame because obviously the 20% boys & teachers of their college must have been looking for ‘watermelons’ ever since.

What are we doing with our girls? On one side the PM keeps saying ‘Beti Padao, Beti Bachao’ & on the other, the girls are made to feel insecure even after trying their best to cover themselves up and remain out of the limelight. No Sir … teachers like this do not want their girl students to stand equally with men – they just want girls to keep feeling insecure about their body, about their talents. They just want to keep them down, under their control. Imagine the mental status of the boys in such an institution, such a culture. They will keep objectifying the girls mentally and will keep thinking that girls have to remain within a boundary of their making.

My Bharat was once the country where girls became Rishikas, girls felt proud of their form & sexuality, girls chose their own grooms, mothers were considered the first teacher of a child & where Gods also claimed to be ArdhaNaarishwara. In Bharat even Muslim women had their women rulers in the form of Chand Bibi & Razia Sultan. Today’s Bharatiya Muslims seem to have become more orthodox than the Muslims of yore. But unfortunately, they have not been able to rein their men from controlling their roving eyes. They have forgotten that a woman who is made to repress her feelings and made to feel insecure and incomplete, can never shape the character of her children to be complete and secure. This is true for all women, irrespective of religion. STRENGTHEN WOMEN TO BUILD A STRONG SOCIETY. Jai Hind !!! Vande Mataram !!!