Her loyal voters are now attacking policemen: BJP attacks Mamata Government over Howrah violence

Launching a scathing attack on West Bengal’s TMC government over the attack on police personnel in minority dominated locality of Howrah, BJP said that it was a result of “appeasement politics.”

Dilip Ghosh, BJP in-charge of West Bengal, said in a tweet, “Witness the dismal condition of police in West Bengal. When the police tried to make people comply with the lockdown in Tikiapara of Howrah town they were severely assaulted. Whose irresponsibility led to this deterioration of law and order?”

Calling for the deployment of paramilitary force in the state, he added, “Those who burn trains-buses-public properties, those to whom the chief minister seeks unconditional apology with joined hands, will they abide by the rules of the lockdown? West Bengal CM is now trying to escape from this situation. Now the only alternative is the paramilitary force.”

Meanwhile a tweet from the West Bengal BJP’s official Twitter handle read,” West Bengal Police personnel attacked by stone-pelting mob for trying to enforce lockdown in Tikiapara, Howrah. Thanks to Mamata Banerjee’ appeasement politics, her loyal voters are now attacking policemen, even while Bengal faces a tough fight against #Covid19 pandemic.”

On Tuesday evening, a mob of around 150-200 suddenly turned on police deployed in their area to maintain the lockdown in Tikiapara of Howrah.

“As soon as the police asked them to return home, a mob pelted them with stones and beat them up. Two police vehicles were also damaged in the incident,” a police official said. The injured police personnel were taken to a local hospital.