Here’s How Kejriwal Got SLAMMED on Twitter When He Made Another Baseless Tweet on Big Bazaar Dispensing 2000 notes Regarding Modi’s Demonetization

Kejriwal is known for his abusive language. In his short span as a Politician and Delhi CM, he has been extriemly abusive. He called PM Coward and Psychopath openly in twitter. Forget his political difference, but Modi Ji is PM of India. He still abused him.

He called Delhi Police Thulla. On one hand, he self proclaims himself as Most honest person on planet earth but on other hand, he has ditched his political guru Anna Hazare and his fellow AAP leaders like Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav, who helped him a lot to form Aam Aadmi Party. Here is another shameful tweet using abusive slang by this politician.

This Self proclaimed Anti Corruption crusader and abusive politician also justifies his abusive language saying, he belongs to rural india and hence he has a abusive language.

Proclaiming himself as most honest person on planet earth, he also has problems with surgical strike on black money. Probably, this may be because, he and his party might have had it for upcoming polls. After old notes were stopped, his party withdrew from Chandigarh and Mumbai local body polls.

He had also called surgical strike against black money a Scam and blamed PM Modi on befitting PAYTM and got slammed by owner of PAYTM himself.

It seems Kejriwal just won’t stop! Now, once again he has taken a jibe at the PM and this time it is for the Big Bazaar move. Yesterday we reported that due to shortage of cash in banks and ATMs, Big Bazaar has joined hands with SBI and will be providing Rs 2,000 per person per day, on the swipe of debit card.

Here’s the tweet about the news

But this didn’t go down well with Kejriwal and he once again took to Twitter to link this move with PM Modi’s personal benefits. Yes, he indirectly stated that PM Modi is Big Bazaar’s beneficiary; have a look at the tweet, where he again tries to do the same PAYTM stuff, he did 2 days back.

He got slammed by Nationalists on his pathetic tweet targeting honest PM

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