Here’s How Sushma Swaraj Responded To Muslim Man Offering His Kidney…

Ever since Sushma Swaraj was hospitalised in New Delhi’s AIIMS due to renal failure, scores of people from across the country have offered their kidneys to the external affairs minister.

Amid such generous offers, a muslim man offered his kidney to Swaraj, a minister who is widely loved on social media for her timely interventions and help to people in need. Mujib Ansari offered his kidney to Swaraj through a tweet, while adding that he is a muslim and a supporter of BSP in Uttar Pradesh.

And Swaraj’s response to his help was as sweet as the offer.

“Thank you very much brothers. I am sure, kidney has no religious labels,” Swaraj tweeted.

Not only Mujib, a few other Muslim men have also offered to help her by donating their kidney to her. Nyamath Ali Shaik, a muslim, also offered his kidney to Swaraj saying he was ready to donate his kidney, if need be. Another Twitter follower Jaan Shah also said he was ready to offer his kidney to her.
Swaraj has been flooded with wishes from politicians cutting across party lines as well as from a cross-section of society.

64-year-old Swaraj has been undergoing treatment for renal failure at AIIMS.
On Thursday, a traffic constable from Bhopal had also offered to donate one of his kidneys to the ailing minister.