Hilarious !! This Is How People Trolled Kejri When He Claimed Modi Stopped ANI From Covering AAP Events

While the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal should be in news for development and all good reasons he just doesn’t seem to be getting it right. In the year 2016 Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal have been in news only because of blaming Modi. Kejriwal has understood the trick of being in news and he has choose PM Modi as a mean to keep himself in the lime light. Every week Mr Kejriwal has mastered the art of sitting in front of media only with a claim of question Modi without any logical proofs and clear cut information.

Kejriwal is one of those political leaders who have been thriving all their life questioning others creditability without even bothering to understand where he himself stands in the political circle. He has been fooling people of Delhi with his fake charges claims of BJP and escaping from his core job.

He seems to have become a hot topic for trolls not because he is not from BJP he seems to have lost the political fight only because of his lame attitude and his in capability to handle his job. A study says Delhi court in the year 2016 has dismissed more than 80% of allegation made by Kejriwal. Mr Kejriwal has been a absolute failure and it’s just a matter of time when the whole of AAP would reduce to a sheer joke.

Here’s How He Got Trolled: