Hilarious: Rahul Gandhi’s View on North Eastern States of India-Full Video

We all know about intelligence of Rahul Gandhi, His low IQ speeches are so famous that every new one surpasses the IQ level on lower side of his previous one.

When, he was in Bangalore, one lady from Assam asks, even being congress Government in assam from last 10 years and congress being in power from last 10 years, why are not roads, water and electricity problems of Assam and other north eastern states are being addressed and resolved by now?

Pappu as always, he knows internally that he has no answer to this question. Tries to confuse himself and people by asking, should i answer this question in English or Hindi. People roar to answer this in Hindi to which Pappu Hears english(Thank god, he did not hear Italian).

On His answer in Hindi, says, North Eastern States are complex(dont know what complexity does he mean) and talks about special status and blames Modi Govt in not giving funds to North East. Blames local level corruption in Assam( He forgets that still congress Govt is ruling Assam) and also blames PM modi for implementing historic peace deal with Naga insurgents citing Nagaland is also complex.That is it. Question is answered in Rahul Gandhi Style.

Here is the full Video if the incident to enjoy.


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