How The Hindu has apologized after SatyaVijayi’s Expose

SatyaVijayi has always brought unbiased journalism and exposed many stories.  It has constantly aimed to bring reforms in society and favored subjects which are of National Interest. Our one such expose has brought out the media house “The Hindu” to apologise over its fake news.

We at SatyaVijayi have reported the incident as it had happened along with the real reasons that could have attributed to the cause of the stampede, ‘The Hindu’ published a degrading article on this stampede incident. As per the author, Vedika Chaubey, she claims that during the Elphinstone stampede, a dying woman was molested on bridge by bystander as per her video source.

The Hindu reported, “A woman victim of the stampede, seconds from breathing her last, was molested by a bystander as she lay atop a pile of victims on the foot over-bridge (FOB) on Friday, a video clip shows. The woman, trapped by the bodies, reaches out weakly for help before dropping her hand and breathing her last”.

Check out the below video specifically from 12 to 38 seconds to really understand, what had happened:-

It is clearly seen that the man in White T-Shirt (2nd from Right) is trying to rescue a woman out of a pile of bodies (the woman later reportedly succumbed to her injuries). The so called “journalist” Vedika Chaubey of The Hindu, watched a video of the man from a particular angle and wrote a story about how he was molesting a dying woman and how humanity has died.

In our expose article: Will The Hindu apologise for Spreading Fake Stories was published on 2nd October exposing The Hindu. We had asked for apology from The Hindu,  and The Hindu has given a statement where it has accepted that the story was made up and fake.

Also it has confirmed that the apology will appear on the print edition of 4th October as well.

Certainly, SatyaVijayi has created an Impact and will continue to do so for the National Interest.