Hindu boy stabbed to death in Delhi for loving Muslim girl

Delhi: In a country where news related to Gau rakshak lynchings are made into national issue, a section of media is attempting to suppress the news about murder of 23 year old Ankit in Delhi. Perhaps to save the so called secular fabric of the country.

Ankit who was a photographer by profession was stabbed to death on a cold Thursday night in Delhi by the family of his Muslim girlfriend.

Ankit was returning home around 9pm on Thursday when the family of his Muslim girlfriend attacked him with knives near his house. He reportedly tried his best to fight with his murderers but he couldn’t stop them all alone. The family members of his girlfriend who were thirsty for his blood kept stabbing the unarmed innocent man on the middle of the street.

Ankit’s mother was waiting for her son to return home when she received information that he has been attacked on the street in a near distance. She quickly ran down the street to save her son, but there she saw Ankit being stabbed mercilessly and then slowly collapsing down in-front of her eyes.

According to the witnesses, Ankit’s blood was spilling down the entire street where his body had collapsed after suffering numerous attacks. It was a horrific scene on a cold night in national capital. Ankit paid with his life for the crime of loving a Muslim girl.

Ankit had developed a close relation with the girl who later became his girlfriend when she used live in his neighborhood. Even after the girl’s family moved away the two remained in contact. The two grown up adults loved each other and had plans of getting married.

The girls family which has orthodox views, was completely against their relation. But the girl was determined to marry with the man she loved even at the cost of going against her own family. When the girl’s fundamentalist family realized that it is impossible to stop her they allegedly made plans of killing Ankit.

The girl who is standing beside her lover even after his death gave statement against her own family. “I was going to meet him and then someone told me he had been stabbed with a knife. We were going to marry. He called me and told me he wanted to marry me, so we were meeting,” the girl told reporters.

The girl’s mother, father and uncle have been arrested and the police is currently searching for her underaged brother.