Hindu girls allegedly punished for wearing religious symbols in Christian school

According to many reports that are coming out of Tamil Nadu, earlier this month two Hindu girl students were humiliated at a Christian school for wearing Hindu religious symbols such as Vibhuti (sacred ash) and sandalwood on their foreheads. The incident is of the Cluny Matriculation school, Devikapuram, near Arani, Tamil Nadu.

Mother of one girl had alleged that her daughter was reprimanded for wearing Hindu symbols on her forehead and flowers on hair and was told to maintain the religious principals of the school. As per the allegations that were made the teachers forcefully removed sandalwood and vibhuti from the forehead of the girls and made them to kneel for 2 hours to set an example for others.

School authorities allegedly informed the parents that the girls were punished because of breaking rules and regulations of the institution. If reports are to be believed then the two girls were also barred from entering classes after their parents engaged in a verbal confrontation with some of the school administrators.

The school had even asked the parents of the girls to collect transfer certificates and get their daughters admitted somewhere else. Though the parents did not back off but instead held protests against the school in which they also received support from local religious organization ‘The Hindu Munnai’.

Later Government officials and police interfared into the matter and tried to mediate between the parents and school administration, results of which are unknown. The school administration however has rubbished all the allegations against them and assured that any such incident won’t take place in future.

The entire incident was covered by several local Tamil And Telegu language newspapers but most national and international dailies chose to remain silent about how the Hindu students were punished for wearing their religious symbols in a Christian school.