HINDU LIVES MATTER: A movement India desperately needs

by Gaurav Agarwal

Indian sympathizers of the Black Lives Matter movement, I bring forth to your attention the burgeoning need to dedicate yourselves to the ’Hindu Lives Matter’ movement, which as of yet, is only an emulated name, but keeping in accordance with the reality of the times we live in, an urgent crusade waiting to initiate.

I live in Guwahati- Assam, a place where as recently as on the 13th of this month, a man named Rituparna Pegu was lynched by a mob of 5 men. He was first stabbed in the back with a knife by a Hussain Ali after the two had gotten entangled in a minor tussle over a chair, before being killed via Hussain slitting his throat in the middle of a busy road in broad daylight while four others members of the belligerent’s family stood there and shielded the atrocious act from being interrupted by outside forces. Unfortunately, this can no longer be classified as an isolated incident. A pattern stands emergent. Only a few days ago Ajay Pandita was killed on account of him being a Hindu in Kashmir. Santatan Deka was butchered in Hajo after he accidentally grazed the car of Faizul Haque with his cycle a couple of weeks ago. Sadhus were lynched after being apparently handed over to the assailants by policemen in Palghar some time ago. A 15-year-old Hindu girl was raped in a Madrasa by a Muslim cleric in June of last year. Ankit Saxena was cut up by the father of his Muslim girlfriend in 2018, again in broad daylight. Dhruv Tyagi – a businessman- was murdered a short while ago by a Muslim father-son duo after he had gone to them to complain about the molestation of his daughter by the same boy who lent a hand in killing him. A RSS shaka was laid siege to in Boondi village of Rajasthan by a Muslim mob during which everybody present there was brutally thrashed, even the children. There are innumerable other such instances which I can go on stating, but the point has been made.

Slain Kashmiri Hindu Village head Ajay Pandita

Now, we know that both Hindu & Muslim households are replete with victims of lynchings and other such dastardly crimes. So, one might wonder as to why I have chosen to highlight only one such side of the coin. The reason is simple, I have chosen to highlight the oppression of Hindus specifically because there exists a fault line in society which hinders us from employing serious consideration on the matter of the oppression of Hindus. The fault line being that one side believes that the Hindus are in the majority and hence, cannot be victims of oppression while the other side believes or rather screams for the recognition of the malice which constantly chases after them. Even Barkha Dutt, a self-supposed crusader for equality and justice, had the exact same thing to say in 2018. Now, the fundamental premise of this presumption here seems to lie in the unwavering belief of the asserter that strength in numbers delivers an unassailable advantage to any given community in any geographical strip of land, due to which they cannot be subjugated and consequently, be conceived of as victims of aggression. But, if we look at the proportion of Africans to Caucasians in South Africa during apartheid, the proportion of African Americans to Caucasians in America during the period of slavery or the proportion of indigenous natives to those of the countless conquering foreign invaders in India from 700-1947, then it becomes crystal clear for us to understand that this line of argumentation fails to hold any water in the face of documentable historical evidence and data.

Let us now look at the effort which is brushing Hindu subjugation under the carpet from another angle. Let us take the case of America since I have already drawn an analogy with the BLM movement originating from there in the opening paragraph. America is addressed using a wide variety of epithets, both with a negative connotation and with a positive one depending upon who is referring to her, but one pejorative epithet which still eludes America is that of a ‘Distorter of History.’ The history of the persecution, subjugation and racial discrimination which had once besieged the land over the Atlantic and even till this date remains present in perceptible quantities in its air is not skipped over in the curriculums of their school children and nor is the subject dedicated only a meagre paragraph to for the purposes of showing pretentious intent to respect the authentic happenstances of yesteryear. The draconian aspects of the subject are covered wholesomely. Unfortunately, the scenario in India is inverse.

Hindu monks who were lynched to death in Maharashtra’s Palgarh

Here, the intellectual ruling class likes to paint the ever dispensable and dominated ‘Hindu’ as the belligerent, when in reality all the ‘Hindu’ has ever only been is a silent victim of exploitation and gaslighting. It started in 700 AD and has continued ever since. Even today, when the unassuming indigenous native tries to talk about his oppression of over 1400 years by foreign invaders, his mouth is sealed with tape by the ‘secular liberals’ of society so as to not incite commotion by hurting the religious sentiments of someone else, and hence, the buck is made to start and stop with the exploitation experienced only during the Colonization period under the British. But what about the capturing of Sindh by Iranian Mohammed Bin Qasim in the 7th century? The infamous looting of the Somnath Temple by Mehmud Ghaznavi in the 10th century? The attack on Multan by Mohammad Ghori in the 12th century? The attack on Bihar by Bakhtiyar Khilji in the 13th century during which he also set ablaze two of the most ancient and prestigious universities of the world in Vikramashila University and Nalanda University? Aurangzeb levying jizya (tax) on kafirs (non-Muslims) and imposing Fatwa-E-Alamgiri or the doctrine of Sharia all over the subcontinent? Was that not oppression? Or is this something for the ‘caretakers of our secular fabric’ to laugh off and shove to the sidelines of history as an inconsequential matter?

In fact, the elite country club champagne sipping secular liberal brigades of journalists and academicians, far from shining light on to this matter, provide pseudo-intellectual cover fire for these atrocities and try to prevent their grotesque realities from spilling out into mainstream-consciousness of the public. They talk about how India’s economy flourished during the Mughal Rule when the truth is that India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was 33% of the world’s before invasions by foreign barbarians took place, after which it was reduced to 22% during Akbar’s rule and finally left at a measly 16% for the British to inherit who then exhausted it even further. It is also important to note here that Sashi Tharoor, a man who does a good job at appeasing millennials through the active utilisation of his extensive vocabulary in formulating pretentious and apologist arguments to cover for the highly vulnerable and susceptible to criticism heir to the throne of his party, slyly ignores this context to fit his moral posturing over the economic degradation of India orchestrated only partly by the British into the unalterable mould of narratives casted out by his employer party.

Also, the profoundly wicked and immoral imagery of these events have not even been painted with the slightest bit of veracity in the schoolbooks of the infant in India today, unlike that of the African-American in the west in relation to their oppression. We have chapters eulogizing about the secular nature of Akbar and cartoons depicting the pleasing relationship between him and Birbal, but what about addressing everything else? More importantly, the relevant things, like the Vijaynagar Empire for example? Furthermore, we are well aware of what the British did to us not only because of the teachings bestowed upon us by our schools, but also because of a vibrant Sashi Tharoor destroying a British journalist on live television on the subject of “Does Britain Owe Reparations to India?”
This exact case is being made in the U.S. right now in terms of does the white community owe reparations to the African-American community for the torture which they inflicted upon them in the past. So, keeping in line with the theme of things, can we take a page out of Sashi’s book which says, “Reparation is a matter of principle not money,’ and ask the Muslims in India to apologize to members of all other communities who were killed, butchered, enslaved and tortured over millenniums by their predecessors? Does putting this point of view, derived solely out of consistency of logic, out into the ether make one seem communal? If yes, then why advance the case of other victim groups along the same lines? If not, why has nobody from the higher-ups of our civil society made this case yet?

Ankit Saxena, the Hindu man who was stabbed to death by his Muslim girlfriend’s family members

Moreover, why do the harbingers of virtue aka the liberals, who thrive off of outrage culture and maintain homeostasis by galvanizing people to protest and cause ruckus, cordon themselves off when it comes to speaking out against the injustices experienced by Hindus and become ostriches? They are pretty vocal when an Akhlaq gets lynched or an Ashifa gets brutalized [as they should be]. It almost seems as if the inviolable rule of liberalism in India is to maintain omertà on the oppression of Hindus and abstain from committing the cardinal sin of infamita by talking about it or giving it legs. It’s like that scene from The Godfather when Michael Corleone (Liberal Establishment) says to Fredo (Liberal Employees) – “Don’t ever take sides with anyone (Hindus) against the family (Narrative) again…. ever.”

Now, you might be thinking as to why I am so bothered about the nonexistent support of the liberals in certain cases. Are the conservatives not equipped to do their own bidding? Well, first of all, morality in its essence can never be a subjective quality. Either you have it or you are a grandstanding hypocrite. Secondly, outraging over injustices in society by spilling out onto the streets has never really been a quintessentially conservative trait. It has always been a staple of the liberals.

But, the Indian liberal though, if anything, is a baffling being. Let us take the help of Former U.S President Ronald Reagan to understand this. He said – “We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” Now, when a member of a ‘privileged class’ is brutalized by a member of a minority sect, the Indian liberal holds fast to Raegan’s teachings. However, when the converse happens, they bring out the big guns – namely – the placard and the constitution. The surprising facet about this is that they do not even experience an iota of fear or remorse while doing this. They are least concerned even about the questions which may arise as a result of the exposition of their blatant partisanship. Yet, they question everything else, from the efficiency of the system to the shape and the size of the planet to the legitimacy of the vaccines given to babies to the validity of biological sex, and demand to be satiated with an answer. Is that not baffling?

Let us also try to understand the suppression of Hindu agony from the angle of Kashmir. It would not be an exaggeration to say that only a man living under a rock would be unaware of the profuse shedding of liberal tears over internet services being halted in Kashmir. However, when the liberal is asked about the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits living without an identity for over 30 years, a resounding echo of nothingness emerges from the hollow caves they call hearts. Even more, they blame the injustices experienced by the native Kashmiri for his radicalization and hence, demand special treatment for them, so as to incentivize them to throw all arms and indignations away. Well, Hindus have been dominated for over 1400 years now and they do not even ask to be treated with kid gloves on, their only aspiration is that of a consistent yardstick. But unfortunately, nobody applies it.

Traditional Kashmiri Hindus before getting displaced from their native land by violent means

Now, none out of all of the arguments or its constituents presented above constitute the most crippling blow to the Hindu dream of equality and justice, as the most crippling blow to the Hindu dream of equality and justice has been the proliferation of ‘sophisticated seeming’ liberal bastions, which ironically only publish pieces with a certain point of view, like The Wire, The Quint – which event went to the extent of personally emailing readers to incite them to emulate the USA styled protests which caused massive mayhem and destruction, The Print, Scroll, et al. The liberal bastions parrot each other and form an eco-chamber which only covers and publicizes stories catering to a particular narrative and agenda, one similar to that of Barkha Dutt’s opinion of 2018. This torrential outpour of one-sided opinions keeps a huge section of the population in the shadows, away from the realities of today’s India. When one does get a whiff of such a reality, the eco-chamber immediately invokes its most potent weapon i.e. whataboutery and starts gaslighting the poor fellow. However, all other sides are being spoken for. It is only the Hindu who gets castigated constantly and is called to the forefront to prove his secular and modern nature time after time after time, and if once he falters, all hell breaks loose and the entire community is portrayed as one belonging in the dustbin.

Why? Do Hindus Not Matter? Do they exist only to be steamrolled? Are they easy targets? Why does being a Hindu automatically disqualify you from receiving any kind of collective compassion? When will the Hindu get some respite? When will we get looked at with a sense of care?

(The views expressed in this article are of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect views or stance of Satyavijayi.com)