Hindu Samhati founder arrested by Kolkata police from public meeting

Kolkata : The founder of Hindu Samhati Tapan Ghosh was arrested on Wednesday afternoon from a public meeting at Kolkata over allegations of forcefully converting people into Hinduism.

The Hindu Samhati had organized a mega public meeting at Rani Rashmoni Road of Kolkata to celebrate their 10th anniversary. During the program founder of Hindu Samhati, Tapan Ghosh allegedly converted some Muslims women into Hinduism. However according to Hindu Samhati sources those women were previously Hindus but were forcefully converted into Islam by love jihad.

When the entire conversion thing was happening on the stage, suddenly a brawl between some Hindu Samhati activists and media personnel broke out at the venue, after which police arrived and arrested Tapan Ghosh along with some of his companions. Both the media side and Hindu Samhati have blamed each other for the clash.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee criticized the incident and said that strong actions will be taken against Hindu Samhati. Most of the Intellectuals of Kolkata who are by large left leaning have supported the arrest of Tapan Ghosh stating that he was hurting religious sentiments of a certain community by openly converting people.

Hindu Samhati organizes anniversary program every year on 14th February. This year many distinguished guests including Maj general (retd) GD Bakshi were present at the event.