Was Hinduism formerly an Islamic religion as indicated by a former Hindu head priest?

Quora Answer by Ravi Sivan

There are always problems when people do not study history.

Islam as a religio-political movement was started by Muhammad in 622 AD – the start of the Hijra and the Islamic calendar. Hinduism has existed for 5000 + years. I doubt there is one serious scholar in the world who would or could support the claim the Islam came before Hinduism.

The Muslims claim that Adam and Eve and all the Jewish prophets and even Jesus were actually Muslims and taught Islam – but there is absolutely no evidence for this claim, logically, historically or archeologically.

The Islamic position is that everyone is born a Muslim and that any religion to which they belong because of family and community teaching is false. So when they leave that religion for Islam they are “reverting” not “converting”.

I wonder what the Islamic position is on Neanderthals and the early hominids – were they also Muslims 200,000 years ago? The first qibla was Jerusalem which Muhammad later changed to Mecca. What qibla did the cavemen use? Is there any evidence of the qibla being marked in caves or prayer-mats or prayer stations being carved on the floors of caves?

We Hindus being the oldest surviving religion can make the same claim – everyone is born a Hindu! Who is right and who is wrong? How does one prove this claim.