Are Hindus Declining In Large Numbers? Is It The Fastest In The World?

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As an ex Christian, who had a ring side view of the Prosletyzation business. An advice to my hindu friends, the first thing you should do protect your religions is put a stop to Conversions to Christian, islamic and buddhist faiths.

You are bleeding at the rate 7-8 lakhs hindus converting out of the religion EVERY YEAR. As the mass of non hindus increase, the no. of conversions will also increase.

The first culprit is your caste system (whether it was introduced by british or islamic does not matter). It is there, it is staring your face and cocking a snook at you, while literally ripping u apart. In fact, I would rate it the no. 1 enemy of hinduism over and above the islam, christianity etc. etc. Either you wipe it out or it will wipe you out.

Those folks who think hinduism has survived so many years and will survive some more, I will leave you with few facts :

1) Indonesia was 2nd largest Hindu nation in the world few centuries back. It took just 100 years to convert it to 95% islamic country. That’s it – only 100 years to convert the entire population to islam.

2) Hinduism was the dominating religion in least 20+ countries (from afghanistan, pakistan, bangladesh, burma, cambodia,vientnam, malaysia, indonesia, srilanka, etc. etc.) and now it is only it is the majority religion only in 1 country – India. You have been wiped out of 90% of your lands !!

3) As we speak Kerala, Kashmir and West Bengal is out of ur hands. Less I say about the North East States the better. So essentially you are there in only 70% of India. And bleeding at the rate of 7-8 lakhs/yr. doesnt look good !

4) Conversion into hinduism from other religions in terms of numbers is as good as minimal so the net outflow is very significant.

So Hinduism has not really survived. You have been decimated 90% of your initial population. Only 10% of you remain. My honest assessment, future looks very bleak for you. I would really be surprised if you guys survive the turn of the century unless some major turnaround happens.


As an ex Christian, who had a ring side view of the Prosletyzation business. An advice to my hindu friends, the first…

Posted by Robert William V on Thursday, January 5, 2017