Alert, Hindutva professing BJP beats Congress hands down in secularism

A lot of noise is being made in the media regarding the rise of the Hindutva forces, which threaten the secular fabric of the country. The so-called secular media leaves no stone unturned to fan the issue and instill fear and insecurity in the minds of common man. The lutyens media houses take up every trivial issue and build news around it. To the ordinary man, this piece of news, carefully crafted and worded to promote a hidden agenda to divide the country, becomes a disturbing trend all day.  The innumerable youth of the country are struggling to cope with this vicious agenda. This agenda is carefully orchestrated and marketed to reach our tiny mobile phones and influence our minds, every passing moment.

Hindutva has become a topic of ridicule and recently there have been efforts from seculars to even project that Hindutva and Hinduism are two different things. A shoddy attempt is being made to create further rifts among Hindus. A rift among those who follow the ruling party and those Hindus who have ideological differences with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is not a good sign for the country. BJP should never be made a benchmark to judge ones religious and ideological leanings. Though they are projected as the champions of the Hindutva cause, the government is being run on the plank “Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas”. Let us take a look…

Country’s meat export has increased to 1.353 mn tones in 2017 as compared to 1.336 mn tones in the previous financial year. And India still exports roughly about $4 billion worth of beef. But as per the perception built by the media, over the past three years, it is the Gau-mata which has gained tremendously (in terms of respect and stature).

The BJP renamed Aurangzeb road as APJ Abdul Kalam road in Delhi. Even this was objected to. The media milked the issue till it succeeded in conveying a message. It was painted as an attack on the rich cultural diversity of the nation and an attempt to erase remnants of Mughal rule. The govt could have named it after Veer Sarvakar or any other ideologue who professed Hindutva. But it didn’t.

The government still maintains that the fate of the Ram Mandir would be decided by the court or through a consensus, despite the slogan of Mandir wahin banayenge by its volunteers. Though an effort to fast track the legal process is made, the issue seems to be far away from any amicable resolution.

The expelled secular mascot of the Congress, Mani Shankar Iyer (Who wants to dethrone the present dispensation with the help of Pakistan) and the self professed torch bearer of secularism, who gifted Goa to BJP, Digvijay Singh (who shared stage with Zakir Naik and released a book titled ‘26/11 a conspiracy by RSS’ and is on a padhyatra across the country) insulted the country and its mandate. Forget taking action, the government doesn’t even seem interested in demanding a sorry from them. And a perception is created by the media that RSS is calling the shots in the government.

Sushma Swaraj did a commendable job when Father Tom Uzhunnalil was rescued from the clutches of terrorists in Yemen after 1 year. Congress had started questioning her about the laxity in freeing the kidnapped priest. And just then the breakthrough happened. This proved that religion of the victim was immaterial, saving lives mattered. She continues to issue visas to Pakistanis for treatment. All this despite seeing how Pakistan treated Kulbhushan Jadhav’s mother and wife! And how treacherously our soldiers are martyred at the border!

The government has failed to: rehabilitate Kashmiri Pandits, deport Rohingya Muslims (despite pitching it hard before the Supreme Court that they were a threat to national security), and safeguard Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh. It failed to offer citizenship to Hindu refugees, from Pakistan, rotting in rehabilitation camps.

India voted against a US resolution in the UN. It refused to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli Capital. It didn’t abstain like many other powerful nations who are closer to US. And all this happens at a time when India’s relation with Israel and US is at an all time high. It only shows the firmness with which the government is maintaining its global secular image.

It passes a bill favouring Muslim women, criminalizing the inhumane triple talaq, in Lok Sabha. The Bill is blocked in the upper house by the opposition. This is seen, by the seculars, as another attempt by the government to divide the minority community from within, pitching its males vs females.

Smriti Irani doesn’t take any action against THE QUINT which has proclaimed that Kulbhushan Jadhav was indeed a shoddy Indian spy. No urgency reflects lack of seriousness on the part of the government in sending a message to other such wannabe online news portals. She was actually quick enough in removing Pahlaj Nihalani as censor board chief. And he was being dubbed as a rare Sanskari censor chief.

 Do you find any hidden Hindutva agenda in the government policies? Close your eyes for a moment and decide, for sometimes what we see is not what it is!

Cover Pic Credit:- The World Reporter